Fash, gangsters and stuff

Some of you older people out there may remember a film called Zoolander. It was released as a comedy but has recently gained a reputation as a prophetic masterpiece with such predications as designs inspired by homeless people, ridiculous coffee based drinks and adults on scooters. Which brings me neatly to our very own scooter owning developer maestro .. Robin or is it Hansel, you decide?
Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 12.49.252015-02-18 13.33.20
I was minding my own business in Platform V the other night when this man sidled up to me and asked if I knew Howieson. I instantly recognised him as Heisenberg, I predict dramatic and dangerous events in Edinburgh. Be afraid, I was.
Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 19.44.27
There have been a number of odd things said in the office this week. Some of the things that can be published are.
Barry telling me about his tights. He said to me “I love my tights and couldn’t live without them. If only I could wear them in the office.” We have a fairly relaxed dress policy so don’t be surprised if he does.
John Connors also mentioned that the ‘whole Wallet team likes grooming’. I have no idea what they are doing in that corner but I am more than a little worried.
Finnie’s Fabulous Fash Finking (F4)
This weeks fabulous fashion tips from Finnie are;
Brogues we should all wear brogues at all times, even in bed. We must channel young fogeism. Think this man…
Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 18.54.31
Scooters are clearly in as are cocks for kicking around the car park. Try wearing them around your neck on alternate days for a funky refresh of your work day wardrobe.
Anything that Robert Thomson with a P wears. Just copy him you can’t go far wrong. Especially the hair. If you don’t think you can hit the heights of his fashion sense then just try copying this man.
Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 19.15.05
Dummies. Very chichi in certain quarters of the city this month. Try insouciantly chewing on one whilst standing at the bar in Tiger Lily. Not to be tried in Glasgee.
Till next week fashionistas.
The serious stuff you may want to read
The mobile team pushed out another release on Thursday. Features balance peak, have a download and play its a really neat piece of development. Whilst you are at it you can ask Craig how it got the peak to be so smooth.
I think Claude is hinting we shouldn’t have appraisals. Have a read
From Markos with the strapline. The end is closer than we think.
From Niels
Some interesting comments in this video:

“When it’s time to talk about it, have something to show”
“Don’t rely on powerPoint to tell your story”
“Find some users and make them happy”

From Rob Connors.
If its true, not everything in The Register is, then I can imagine Malcolm Tucker describing it as a ‘f’’king omnishambles’.
Stuff I have read
Man selling security solutions says lots of money has been stolen from banks
Can maths tell you how to find love. I believe it is called “secretary theory’, or the optimal time to stop! You can ask Oonagh as she did ‘Hard Sums’ at University.
Have a read I like the illustration and categorisation of Urgent & Important, Important not Urgent, Urgent not Important, Not Urgent not Important.
Nice blog post on designing UX for Android apps. Some really useful points…
On a personal note. Unfortunately, I found out on Monday that a guy I knew lost his life last weekend in a cycling accident. He was a fantastic man and has left behind a young family so it would be great if you could share the link below. If we can get a lot of people to give a small amount each it will make a big difference to them. Thank you.
I hope you all have a good weekend.

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