It’s all about me, Captain-less, jigsaws and a new column

Yes I have decided after inflicting so many of these ludicrous blogs on you it was time to ratchet up the shock/pain/boredom (delete as appropriate) threshold and feature myself a lot more. First up, you may or may not know that I have a twin who also works at the bank. He prefers for some reason not to want to be associated with me so has changed his name. Honestly, the only thing that separates us is an ‘in’ or an ‘er’ depending on how you look at it.
2015-02-10 08.32.20
You may also notice from looking at the picture above, if you weren’t dazzled by the beauty on display, that my shirt is not tucked in. This is not a desperate attempt to hide my increasing corpulence but due to the fact that I forgot my belt. I would like to apologise to the TB community at EHQ for appearing like this for most of the day…
Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 08.22.53
I happened to be walking past the Architects just after lunch the other day and stopped to admire them, as they slavishly drew boxes and made sucking in air noises, when it struck me that there was a similarity between them at that time and an infamous Italian cruise liner.
2015-02-09 17.34.25Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 08.25.18
Captain Haphazard has an unusual hobby, not that one, that he foolishly exposed on the largest social network social on the planet. Yes, he let it slip that he loves jigsaws, the bigger the better as they help him relax. Surely there are some tablets he can take for that. Anyway, his Mummy buys him one every year and has done since he was 7; I firmly believe there are some things your mum should stop buying you at a certain age, like pants and jigsaws. Here is his finished ‘Tiger’ jigsaw. The long evenings with Nadine must just fly by….
Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 18.29.43
In a vain attempt to expand the reach of this blog I have asked a younger female member of the team to provide a little input. So here we have Finnie’s first fashion column.
Finnie’s Fabulous Fash Finking (F4)
Here is a list of some of the key things she advised we should be wearing this week.
Sheepies – which I believe are the skins of sheep fashioned into coats. Tony ‘Pussy’ Ciarletta should be fine then.
Holes – take a perfectly serviceable pair of trousers and put holes in them at the knees. I despair of young people I really do.
Eye patches – I don’t know why, you don’t even need to have a bad eye. “Very Shoreditch” I understand.
Over sized Marillion T Shirts. Rob Thompson with a P should be fine then.
Seaweed worn round the neck. I believe this craze originated in the less populated islands of Scotland. Iain MackCloud of Clan MackCloud is this correct?
More advice next week. I for one can’t wait.
Just as an aside. I really wish people wouldn’t eat egg sandwiches on trains.
The serious bit you may want to read.
Ivan ‘Zero Defects’ following up on last weeks column. 
Picking up on many of the themes posted last week there is a difference between having an IT department and an engineering culture

Testing in today’s mobile landscape is very different and may need a bit of crowd-surfing (sorry sourcing ϑ)

Some start-ups speak

From Andrew Littlejohns
From Keith Gunn
You may have already read this but it’s very good analysis of banks right now, Craig McPheat recommended it to me.
A conceptual diagram that Markos C sent to me. The top diagram is how he thinks the bank should work with the below how he thinks it currently works. Do you agree?
Some stuff I have read
 The end of Enterprise computing…
A very contrarian article. “The problem is, we’re not just consumers. We’re citizens, too.”
Slack appears to have phenomenal growth. Might be worth looking at?
Algorithms enforcing the whims of the corporations?
Have a great weekend. It being Valentines day on Saturday I shall be being romantic, or as romantic as you can be with a 7 and 4 year old running around.
See you all on Monday.

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