Dynamic Greeks, for the love of animals, hair patterns and breaking lungs

Greece has had a bit of bad press recently, accused variously of having a population that refuses to pay taxes, wants to retire a 28 and being cruel to donkeys; maybe that last one was Spain, Southern Europe all blurs into one to me. Anyway, they seem to have had a massive injection of dynamism and have some very high profile people being dynamic. Here is one in Downing street for a chat about cash and stuff. He appears to have borrowed Markos’s stylist and his dynamism appears to have infected Markos who was seen in the office before 0900hrs. Look.
Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 14.22.57 2015-02-04 08.03.07
Claudia loves animals, she really does. She rides them and has lot of pictures of them on her many desks (I believe she has 7). However, I was a little surprised to see how far down the animal kingdom her love spreads.  Have a look at the pictures she has on her desk!
2015-02-04 08.03.38
I was sent this image with an instruction to look at the back of Gary Lundie’s head. I can’t mention who sent it but they sit next to Chubby Frame and build iOS apps. I am not sure what to make of it but please try and form an orderly queue behind Gary.
Some of you may have noticed that the Dev Ops team has been a little light on the ground, or maybe you assumed it was business as usual. Fraser P had a little sniffle and his wife wouldn’t let him out of the house whilst Fen ‘FishR©’ Howieson took a more drastic turn for the worse. I believe he was sent home from the office by Captain Haphazard who had an unusual bout of sympathy. He did of course later insist on documentary evidence of illness so Fen* mailed in the following shot that Daisy took at the Dr’s.
On seeing this image I was immediately reminded of the following two and their business and how it can cause lung damage. Honestly, it all makes sense. He spends a lot time in remote locations with the mysterious Stan and runs some sort of fishing outfit that is clearly a front. If he attempts to sell you some blue crystals just say no.
Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 14.13.21
*Fen is on the mend.
I happened to be near the Wallet team the other day when I heard Matthew Casey chatting to his computer. He is a little eccentric so I looked a little closer just to check he wan’t actually spiralling into insanity and was relieved to see he was having a Skype chat with Chubby Frame. This was ok but I was alarmed to see that Frame refers to himself on Skype as Lady Liberty. If you happen to frequent Chat Roulette just be careful, thats all I am saying.
The serious bit you may want to read
Firstly, I would like to give a massive thanks to Robert Thomson for breaking into his holiday to provide crucial support during the during the recent P1 incident. Robert you have my gratitude and that of the bank. I shall think of some suitable reward.
Douglas ‘Firestarter’ Potter, Oonagh McInnes and Gary Lundie also all provided crucial support. My thanks to you all as well.
Zero Defects has been hanging with Tier 1 consultancies. Here is something he picked up from McKinsey.
Interesting article, all very relevant as we continue to build our “silos of excellence”…
“…Banks often struggle with this trialing and testing culture….”

“…What’s missing is the organizational orientation and mind-set to have small, cross-functional teams working together through rapid testing and improvement programs. Indeed, we have noted that many of the new capabilities required cannot be found in banks but instead need to be imported from other industries….”


From Keith Gunn

We all talk about accessibility when building for the web but we need to avoid trying to stereotyping what it means; accessibility means people can use the web


From Andrew Littlejohns
Some stuff I have read
Moore’s law visualised. The earlier Lara’s look a little creepy to me!
Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 14.21.05
Continuous Delivery article.
Have a great weekend everybody.

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