Caption competition, Scottish talent, black shirts and drinking issues

Obviously, I am, as you all are, aware of the events of this week. I have decided to still send out the blog as I did previously as I hope it provides a little entertainment and some insight at the end of the week. It is not meant as a flippant disregard of those who have been impacted and I hope nobody takes it as such. I understand it must be very difficult for those who have been placed at risk and I hope that we all provide the necessary support to those colleagues whilst continuing to build on the success we have created so far.
On with the blog……
There is absolutely nothing I can say about this photo. Even if I ingested the knowledge contained within the British Library, developed the creativity of Shakespeare, the wit of Wilde and the mental dexterity of Einstein I would still not be able to find the words. I hand the challenge of finding a suitable caption over to you dear readers….
Does Scotland have talent? You will see below the empty pavements outside the Festival Theatre last week when the Syco roadshow came into town. This is clear evidence that Scotland is either really bored of dancing dogs, people of diminished mental acuity displaying non talents, misguided youths or that there is no talent? You decide. By contrast see below a couple of shots of everyday folk in Leeds just bursting into dance at every opportunity.
2015-01-19 18.53.542015-01-25 13.34.122015-01-25 13.55.21
Andy Ryan clearly got a lift from last weeks blog so has started to wear clothing you would normally not see on an architect. However, I am a little confused as to why he turned up on Thursday dressed like this, any ideas?
Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 10.04.15
I like Margarita, mainly because she tolerates my presence and is kind to those in the team who find existing in the modern world in the same dimension as everybody else a little baffling. I am of course referring to Captain Haphazard who i believe, when not counting matches, likes to solve 4th dimension puzzles.  Anyway as I like her I am going to go stage an intervention via this blog. Look at her anticipating the 6 bottles of wine she has selected for a light lunch with Lesley. I think she has a drink problem and would urge you all to support her back to sobriety, or at the very least reducing her intake to 2 bottles for lunch.
2015-01-28 13.53.20
The serious bit you may want to read
The strident Zero Defects at his very best.
Why centralised testing fails to bake quality in; it may represent lower short term savings but it leads to longer term increased hidden cost through slower feedback, domain disconnection and a lack of agility to deliver at speed in today’s app driven world. Baking quality in makes logical sense to me, it helps deliver high quality products faster and with less risk.

From Colin McRoberts
…Research from Vocalink’s mobile banking subsidiary, Zapp, revealed a massive 21 million British people would change banks to access mobile payments, with 33% of these planning it over the next year.
The research carried out by Atomik Research showed 44% of consumers plan to switch accounts if their current bank has no plans to offer mobile payments.
From Keith Gunn.
Gmail P2P money transfers launched in the UK yesterday, could be the first step towards POS
Some stuff I have read.
It is amazing what people will put in their mouths (no sniggering at the back please)! Please don’t ever take me to this restaurant.
The new Greek Finance Minster has a blog. It is in English and could make very interesting reading moving forward…
I am not sure Open Source has an image problem but in case you think it does or know somebody who thinks it does here is an article you may want to read?
An online brand to be admired so worth a look at the Guardian’s overhaul of their site.
Maybe we should do this? This is my idea of an innovative product.
Deming was an academic who wrote a lot about the theory of management. Here are what he perceived to be the ‘deadly diseases’ afflicting corporations. Not sure I totally agree with him. I don’t generally agree with ‘management thinkers’ as they try and provide generic solutions to complex and very variable problems that organisations have, however, these are worth thinking about.
Louise and I are going out on Saturday so I will have to find something to talk about. Any suggestions gratefully received.
I hope you all have great weekends and I look forward to seeing you on Monday.

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