Twitter storm, cruel coats and a new competition

There was a bit of a storm on my Twitter feed the other day. The cause? Well it was down to the excitable tweets emanating from @qnoid aka The Greek in the Hat, @brindy aka the Biggest Loser and @trionkidnapper more prosaically known as Craig. They were all getting very excited. I know I shouldn’t follow them but they all whined so much that I had to relent and agree to enter their strange twilight world of spaceships and make believe; @brindy regularly shout tweets at adolescents who have crashed into his space ship. Unbelievably, he has a wife in real life! The cause of their excitement  this time was the possibility of Google wearables being used by Tesco. They even started to imagine how they would look in shopping in Tesco using said geek wearables and this is what they came up with.
Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 08.12.10
I suppose it makes a refreshing change from the usual ‘banter’. The other week I caught them arguing whether this axe would be an asset or a liability in a space fight with Stormtroopers.
Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 08.27.12
You may have noticed that it has started to be a bit nippy of late and this has brought our all manner of interesting coats. Finnie has started to wear one that looks to be adorned with the fur of several small dogs and some endangered species. Here is an artists impression of how it looks
Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 08.41.37
Separated at birth? Our very own Peter Gourley and Forest Gump. You decide.
 Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 10.02.172015-01-15 16.36.10
We have some new starters. First up the Dev Ops Black Ops team have been bolstering their bench strength. I don’t know what they plan to do but they have hired a guy who spends the weekends being a sniper. So I think we all ought to give Tom Bamford a very warm welcome or the last thing we might hear is the tinkle of breaking glass. Roisin Russell also joined us as an Android developer and is currently working in the Mobile Optimisation team. A warm welcome to you as well.
We have a new competition that I don’t think is OFSTED approved so don’t tell them. The competition is simple and the prizes are dreadful. Basically, we would like to know to the nearest child how many children Andrew Littlejohn’s wife has exclude from her school to date.  I will also give anyone a good swig of Scotland’s finest wine based aperitif if they can tell me why Iain ‘chubby’ Frame has a reception bell on his desk.
The serious bit you may want to read
I was at the Leadership conference yesterday and took comprehensive notes. I will be sending out a separate mail with my thoughts on the key themes of the day.
Zero Defects is back with some challenges on our risk appetite. Very appropriate given the steer we got from Benny at the CIO Town Hall.
Sitting in Telematics meetings this week with the wider business wondering why are we so risk adverse. I guess current is a safe place. When I worked at some US companies, it would be “lets do this” & hi-fives, guess our two cultures are very different. project is not worth doing if it has no risk and innovation only happens with an element of risk.
But Innovation is everywhere..

Markos sent me this. My view is this is a bit like ‘electronic cheques’, i.e., applying technology to a situation that just shouldn’t exist. Why should people have to go to a branch? Anyway if we are going to have robots they should be bigger than 58 cms and have guns and stuff.
From Keith Gunn.
Good summary article talking about ways of measuring programmer productivity and how they are flawed
Some stuff I have read..
Are Zappos nuts or is holacracy the way forward?
Some useful resources that you may not be aware of.
Have a great weekend everybody. I look forward to see you all next week.

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