Aggressive WiFI, the olden days and Xmas drinking

People in Darlington are a bit unfriendly. This is the list of WiFi networks that I discovered at Darlington station, bit harsh I thought. Maybe some neighbours just don’t get on? My advice is to not go south of the wall.
Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 09.25.47
Some of the more venerable architects have quite an IT pedigree. Here we see one of them in the very olden days wrestling with a machine that he borrowed from Alan Turing to do some computation on the best % of alcohol in wine based aperitifs for maximum speedy impact. You might not recognise the person but it is our very own very well refreshed kilt wearing Neil ‘Pipes’ McMahon. As you can see he had a certain magnetism in those days and could command quite an audience, or maybe he had just sat on their lunch in his haste to grab the limelight.
photo (4)
Christmas is a time that many people like to let go and imbibe a little. This is fine but some people just take it too far. Below is a picture of my son who had gone out with his mother for ‘just a couple’. Well that is what they told me anyway. I found his mother in the next door neighbour’s flower bed. #modernbritain
Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 15.21.30
The serious bit you may want to read
There was an email debate this week about the inefficiency of context switching. I thought I would share. First up from Claude
Which was contributed to by Sarah Farrier
“I stumbled across a similar topic a couple of weeks ago (not in the context of agile though…), re: impact on employee engagement: ·         A Primer on Measuring Employee Engagement (see “calendar fragmentation, which is when people don’t have enough meaningful time — about a two-hour break — to work between meetings and other events. Engagement typically decreases when people are overly fragmented”). Where did I find out about this? Well, in a piece by Deanna Oppenheimer (CEO of Cameoworks) who was talking about innovation in the workplace, and has extensive experience in retail banking. Interestingly, she’s also a non-exec director of both Tesco Bank and Tesco group.”
I have read this before, it is an open and honest discussion about the pros and cons of Agile, or how agile is perceived. Sent out this week by Claude so I thought I would share with you.
This is a great article. Funny and informative, it also has a photo of the most egg shaped head I have ever seen. A must read I gleaned from ‘Brindy’s” Twitter feed.
Are testers non-superfluous people? This article thinks so and I agree
Do we have a dystopian future. This article seems to think so. A bit bleak but there are some interesting technologies that are mentioned.
A long essay detailing how a writer, Andrew O’Hagan, created a false identity and the ‘life’ this false identity then assumed on both the dark and light net. I thought it was fascinating. Here is a quote that may make you interested in reading it
Facebook has 864 million daily users, of whom at least 67 million are believed by the company to be fake. There are more social media ghosts, more people being second people, or living an invented life as doppelgängers, than there are citizens of the UK.
Hope your first week back at work has not been too bad and you enter the first weekend of the New Year in a reasonable frame of mind….
I look forward to see you all next week.

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