Christmas Appeal, specialist material on desks, remote controls and healthy living

Christmas Appeal. As I am sure you are well aware many Glaswegians find it very difficult to cope outside the borders of Lanarkshire. They become isolated and confused with some becoming aggressive, in extreme circumstances they find they have to imbibe Scotland’s favourite wine based aperitif to cope. This Christmas we are using a particularly distressing image of a Weegie, as they like to be called, to front the campaign. This one was found isolated, confused and distressed at a tram stop in Edinburgh; it was a particularly poignant case as it transpired that he actually had people at home who were worried about him. We are appealing for funds to provide a minibus equipped with Buckfast optics to pick up vulnerable ‘Weegies’ found on the streets outside of Lanarkshire and give them some respite care before guiding them back to Glasgow. Please give generously.
2014-11-18 18.32.09
I appreciate that we are all adults and some of us may have hobbies and interests that could be construed as a ‘little specialist’. This is ok but may I remind you that not everybody may share your enthusiasm and could even be physically revolted. Can I ask that all ‘specialist materials’ are either kept out of the office or under lock and key. I.e., it is not acceptable to leave the below out in public view…
2014-11-17 12.05.03 2014-11-17 12.04.42
I was made aware that one of our bright young developers enjoys playing with his remote control helicopter most evenings and weekends. He is that carried away with his hobby that he has purchased a special one and configured it so that it has  onboard GPS and a button that lets you with one press get it to return to you. A bit like a well trained dog. It was getting late one evening and his mum had told him he couldn’t be late so he pressed the ‘home’ feature and the helicopter promptly disappeared over the horizon. I don’t have any photos of the event but the below should give you a pretty good idea of what Alistair’s face looked like when this happened.
Screen Shot 2014-11-28 at 12.21.55
If any of you find a ‘clever’  helicopter please return it to Alistair as his mum is really cross that he lost it.
I was made aware today that we have some healthy eating Scots in the team, which is great to see. Irn Bru, battered fish and chips, vinegar, ketchup and some NO SALT. That’s really going to help isn’t it? At least the man is trying which is good. Only a few more gentle nudges towards healthiness and the team may impact Scotland’s overall Health Index. Or maybe not.
The serious stuff you might want to read
The Ivan ‘Zero Defects’ column.

I often ask the “why” question when my complexity alert goes off and I see a theme developing in the responses

“we have always done it that way….”,

“we need to do this because of audits…”

There are lots of “why” questions at the start of this article (principles are the same for any role), building an end to end delivery team with T shaped people will start to remove the “why” questions (and then the responses to my questions may be, “building quality in” or “adding value”).

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 12.26.14

Seriously,  I have not made this up. The Biggest Loser wants to start a board game club! See below.
Hi Andrew,

I’m thinking of starting a board game club in the new year when I get my blue badge – I wonder if you could mention this in your blog and let people know to get in touch with me if interested.  In the mean time, here’s 15 board games to make you a better person:



He also sent me this.
From Laurence ‘The Dude’ Tierney
From Niels ‘mince romancer’ Kees

An interview with the daddy of Agile, Jeff Sutherland where he talks about holacracy (which sounds a lot worse than what it actually represents), but he also makes some really good points about agile in hierarchical organizations.

Some stuff I have read…
 “The tablet and phone app ecosystem is slowly, painstakingly reinventing everything I hated about the computer software industry before the web blew it all up.” Which is why we need it rather more than we need smartphone apps.”
Launching CMS sites through Dropbox. An interesting concept and if any of the Web Devs read this lets have a discussion as to whether it would benefit us to do this?
Twelve big impacts of  the Digital economy. Do you agree are do you have some other better ideas?
Have a great weekend everybody.

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