Cows, ties, dirty men and an unkind act

Iain McCloud of Clan McCloud, Isle of Skye Branch really likes cows. He has pictures of them and often hangs around fields stroking them. The below is a picture of his favourite cow, I believe she is called Daphne. Unfortunately, he got a bit to close to her and got a communicable disease; just from stroking I believe. If he looks a bit under the weather to you its because he has been suffering from hand, foot and mouth disease. My advice is to stay away from cows unless they are being cooked.
Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 17.48.46
The gift that is Markos Charatzas keeps giving. I have no idea why he turned up in the office dressed like this, I really don’t. It didn’t even match his handbag and purse combo. My worry is next week he will turn up in a cravat, especially if he can find one with an Apple on it.
Dirty old men. First up is Tony ‘ Pussy’ Ciarletta. I sidled over to this desk this week to give him some food as I had observed that he had only eaten one small tin of anchovies and an olive in the preceding week. He took the food off me, squirrelled it away like Gollum with a ring and then announced that he had something for me. He delved deep into the leather satchel he always wears and pulled out a prophylactic and some lube, winked and thrust them at me uttering in a wheezy voice “something for the weekend sonny”. He reminded me very much of this man.
Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 17.50.50
Secondly, Fen ‘FishR©’ Howieson sent me an early photo of Mark he managed to get hold of. My advice to all the ladies in the team is that if Dev Ops, any of them, announce they need to do some ‘cabling work’ pop on a burka.
Tragically, the finely aged bottle of Scotland’s favourite wine based aperitif that I was cellaring on my desk has been vandalised. A terrible man has put a prophylactic on the top to prevent access to the nectar within. I am not happy and have made enquires as to the culprit and was told a chubby ex military man was seen in the vicinity. I am doubly upset as I was going to give this to my son on his 4th birthday in January. Just imagine the fresh tears streaming down his poor little upset face when Daddy tells him there is nothing for his birthday. The culprit is a true fiend and will pay.
2014-11-14 08.57.07Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 14.46.09
The serious stuff that you may want to read.
The taciturn Irishman that is Ivan ‘Zero Defects’ points us in the direction of a couple of great blog posts.
Great read: ‘More Agile Testing: Learning Journeys for the Whole Team’

Chapter 18 has a section on Agile transformation in Dell, the challenges sound very familiar; “…In most large enterprises, developing and testing software is not always a nimble process…”,

The bumpy process of iterating products (you can throw stuff in the bin!)

 Claude Hanhart sent me this.
Neils Kee, when he isn’t dressing like Prince Harry, likes to think about agile. He sent me this…
A very good article on the changing dynamics of global internet demographics.
Mobile is eating the world. Really interesting presentation from the money men behind, among other things, Instagram, Skype, Oculus Rift
 Why is Google shutting part of their wallet offering?
A new browser you might want to try.
I hope you all have a good weekend. I am hoping to get home at some stage. As I write I am sat on a coach waiting to be driven to Berwick upon Tweed! it will be a long one.
See you next week.

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