Snowballs, separated at birth and how not to get an upgrade

Oonagh, told me the other day, that Richard was really into ‘snowballs’. Slightly alarmed, I reached for Wikipedia and was then really alarmed to find out the term is a popular reference to ‘speedballs’ containing a frightening mix of cocaine and heroin and had already claimed the lives of many a celebrity. I was puzzled as I knew Richard was a little odd but I had never seen him acting so strangely as to make me think he was ingesting drugs of the class A celebrity type. Particularly as he always just looks slightly laid back and can never be described as hyper or comatose. Also, he wasn’t from Glasgow. Pondering a course of action I was relieved to receive a photo from Oonagh “IPA” McInnes that clarified the situation. He was so into the “traditional Scottish delicacy consisting of a frightening artificial sticky sugary foamy cream, covered in a thin shell of chocolate and coconut” that he has become an unofficial spokesman for them. Here he is, inbetween smearing it on his screen, promoting it as a nutritious breakfast food.

Untitled design (1)


Keith Gunn is not a man who normally embroils himself in stupidity or strange situations, despite knowing Captain H, so I was very surprised when he approached me excitedly the other day and declared he was related to lots of celebrities. I think he had been at the favourite wine based aperitif of people in the north of the Kingdom. He must have been! He had a found an ‘app’ that convinced him that he was very clearly related to a lot of celebrities. I expect he will be asking his mother all sorts of odd questions at the weekend. Here is the evidence he provided…

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 10.36.14

Separated at birth. If you see any of them,do not approach, ever!
 Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 08.39.17Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 08.37.592014-10-15 09.04.03 2
Mike can be quite clever some times but other times I think he leaves his common sense on a hard drive somewhere. I actually do think he has number of Git repos where he keeps emotions and actions normally associated with a sentient human being. Anyway, he wanted to get his windows machine upgraded and left this note on it. Guess what, they didn’t upgrade it.
Somebody wanted to know why Stefan ‘The Hair’ turned up looking like this? I do to.
 Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 08.15.30
Captain H was also involved, after dark, down by the River Almond trying to rescue the wrong woman’s pussy but I don’t want to go into it. It’s just wrong.
Some serious stuff, that I am sure you all read. 
First up a couple of contributions.
From David O’Callaghan
From Grzegorz
I wanted to share some links to events that may be interesting to attend for a Tesco Bank representative (both should be monthly) – apart from interesting talks there might be some networking opportunities.

Product Tank

Mobile Mondays – Edinburgh (that is the event from the past… but new one should be organised soon)

Look at how much money Google spends on infrastructure. In business model terms the moat is getting deeper and the walls a lot higher.  $2.4 billion in a quarter.
I love this visual of how a web browser works. Maybe one to show your kids, if you have any..
Should we ‘freak out’ about Apple pay or should we look at how we take advantage of it?
Look at the growth of Netflix’s revenue.
Have a great weekend everybody.

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