Dull men, abandoned builds, Devs in the wild and a weird stool

Ladies you may find it difficult to believe but some men are dull. Yes, some of us eschew excitement in the pursuit of the mundane. Why not, being exciting all the time can be quite exhausting? We do need to preserve some energy for those vital shared with the ladies activities, such as going to shops for a stand around and being talked at about handbags/perfume/trousers/other stuff (delete as appropriate). Some of these dull men celebrate their very essence of dullness; here is a picture of ‘Hugh from London’ who traverses the United Kingdom looking at hedges. And why not?

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 09.19.46

There is a whole calendar of these men and their dull hobbies. If you want to order a copy you can do so here
Surely, we have no such male dullards in Tesco Bank I hear the massed ranks of the TB ladies cry out? Unfortunately, we do. Here is one who traverses the Kingdom taking pictures of town signs. I believe he also collects Cacti and has greenhouses of the stuff. I don’t have any pictures of this as some hobbies just don’t lend themselves to public scrutiny. Namely collecting Cacti and the careful archiving of strong German pornography.
By the way I believe the town is a great place if you like fish, country clothing and mink bothering.
Abandoning builds is little like leaving a small puppy out in the rain or leaving a baby crying because it is hungry. Clearly not a good thing to do, so I was absolutely certain that nobody in the Digital team would ever do this. Imagine my horror when I was leaving the office one evening when I came across a build screen in the mobile optimisation area that was glowing bright red. Imagine my surprise when I saw the name, it’s normally Tony ‘Catman’ Ciarletta who leaves the build in smouldering ruins…
2014-09-16 18.44.09
Devs in the wild! Sometimes their Care Givers let them go out to the shops, under close supervision of course. Here is Bonnybridges biggest Loser at a Tesco shop in Falkirk admiring the Tesco Bank pigs on the new Hudl. Both the Hudl and the banking app have been very well received I believe!
Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 11.19.52
By stool I mean the necessary but unpleasant by product of eating food. Here is one I found in the lobby of a hotel in Poland. I like modern art but sometimes you do just wish for a nice Constable.
2014-10-08 09.34.40
They also have trams in Poland as well as weird art. Look, I even believe their trams have air-conditioning, they have more than one start and one finish and they launch into space. Surely this puts them light years ahead of Edinburgh, which is quite shameful when you think that they only started to get rid of the dead hand of central planning in 1989.
2014-10-09 09.27.242014-10-09 09.28.51
Serious Stuff
User to user mobile payments from Facebook? Who would have thought it!
Being in the over 30 camp I suspect I would also be mystified if I were asked about Venmo. I would have a look as it is an interesting model and yet another threat to ‘traditional’ banking.
Chaos engineering. How to really test your system and processes
Apple didn’t have a very good September.
I am not sure you can click this link at work. Don’t worry it is SFW but I don’t think the bank filter has caught up with the change of direction of Pando. Anyway, click this link on a non bank device. Well worth reading to get some insight into the driven ‘genius’ entrepreneurs of Silicon valley.
Hope you all have a great weekend. Louise and I are going for a rare venture outside the house this weekend. It will probably end in bitterness and recrimination as we don’t often have time together as adults and alcohol will be involved. I will see you all when I get back in Edinburgh next week.

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