Greek crooners, men on roundabouts, look a likes and staring up the barrel of a gun

Our befuddled friends on the ground floor are at it again. I was ambling around when I came across a security architect sporting a shocking deviation from the accepted norms of dress, even in the Engine room on a Friday. If you insist on wearing a shirt that hasn’t seen an iron ever it is not usually a good idea to draw even more attention to it by undoing all your buttons. Honestly, I am no prude but I don’t want to see this frankly unpleasant amount of chest flesh. It’s not as if Scotland is hot, is it? Maybe he was trying to emulate his other hero, Dennis Roussos? I believe in addition to being Adam Ant’s number 1 fan he is a big fan of the 70’s singer who avoided all tasteful clothing at all times.

2014-09-12 10.59.07Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 08.26.47

Finnie came in the other morning warbling excitedly about a ‘hottie in a kilt on the roundabout’. At first I thought she had been at the bottle of Scotland’s favourite wine based aperitif that resides on my desk but after a while I realised she was referring to the man on the roundabout who was planting Saltaires to drum up support for the Yes campaign. I believe a ‘hottie’ is what young people refer to someone they find easy on the eye. Anyway, I failed to get a photo for all the female followers of this blog but she gave me such a full description that I managed the get an exact likeness from the inter web.

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 08.29.39

The best look a like so far….

Fraser pringle is Captain Haddock. If you swing by his desk you will often hear him shout ‘billions of blistering barnacles’ as he wrestles with the intricacies of F5 load balancers.

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 09.13.282014-07-22 19.57.25

You may have noticed that the nagging of the team to fill in their time sheets is less than successful some weeks. Therefore, I have taken steps to ensure a higher level of compliance in the coming weeks. I instructed Scotland’s number one mink bother to aim a high powered rifle at Daisy. As you can see she looks terrified and if anybody fails to complete their timesheet she knows she will get it. You have been warned.

photo 1


Ivan ‘Zero Defects’ Ryan with some interesting thoughts this week.

Some interesting talks at Lean Agile Scotland last week, for me the themes were:
–          The way you build and deliver your products is a mirror of how your organisation is structured.
–          Solutions should come after you know what the problem is.
–          Complexity is the enemy of innovation
Monkeys and Bananas or “we always do it that way!”
Insanity is doing the same thing again and again and expecting a different outcome, Einstein


Tim Lear made me aware of this. I would ensure you read it as he will come round and ask questions and he is really really scary.

When security goes wrong it can go badly wrong.

If you like conspiracy theories then you will like this.

Google is looking to push its Cloud offering. A bit of competition for AWS would be no bad thing.

Google analytics for web forms. Something we could use?

This blog is studiously on the fence when it comes to Scottish Independence so will offer no opinions but this article on the reasons why the vote went the way it did are fascinating.

Have a great weekend everybody. I’ll see you on Monday.


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