WTF, EXTREME architecture madness, bags and cuteness

WTF. It is all I can say! Is there anybody who can think of a suitable caption?

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 13.30.02

The North East’s greatest eccentric, aka Captain H, is actually at a Cacti conference in Bruges this weekend so he cannot comment. Yes Tony, he really is at a Cacti Conference. Some things are just beyond parody.

The architects really surpassed themselves this week. I was wandering around the engine room of EHQ today all innocent like when I came across Neil McMahon who looked very refreshed. I suspect he had been treating himself to a couple of swigs of Scotland’s favourite wine based apperitiff as they tend to on a Friday. Seriously the ties come off and hell breaks loose down there. I would urge you be very careful about wandering down there on a Friday you could get embroiled in fighting or dancing or both. Anyway the refreshed Rangers fan dragged me over to a wall and insisted that I meet their new friend who helps them with all their decision making. I believe they make decisions based on direction and speed of movement. Noticing that he neglected to put any trousers this morning and smelt of compost I made my excuses and left very quickly.


Bags, we all love bags. You put stuff in them,  a lot of useless stuff if you happen to be a woman. Anyway I thought given the preponderance and variety of handbags in the team it was time we had a little competition to match the handbag to the person. Answers on a post it note please. Winners get a swig of buckies.

2014-09-11 17.25.44 2014-09-10 16.53.23 2014-09-10 16.52.03 2014-09-10 16.50.50

Finally, I thought I would treat you to a nice picture. It is Fen’s new dog and he has promised to pinch it’s tail if anybody doesn’t fill in their time sheet this week. You have been warned….



No Zero Defects this week as Ivan is at Lean Agile Scotland this week. Normal service to resume next week.


The web was awash with Apple updates so I am sure you know what they have just launched. However, did you know about them forcing U2 on you..

Interesting looking app.

How Google works. Some interesting insight from the CEO in this article about hiring the right people.

Apple’s margins are shrinking

Some interesting tools mentioned in this article on how easy it is to hack iCloud accounts. Remember if you must take nudey shots of yourself, or others, remember to turn off the Cloud back up option. Alternatively, try and get hold of a Polaroid camera (if you are below 30 ask one of the older people in the team what this means)

Worried that your gmail account has been hacked. Check here

Have a great weekend everybody. I will see you all on Monday.


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