Cold India, really nice food, messy desk gluttony, look a likes

But first of all it has come to my attention that some people, who shall remain nameless, are just looking at the so called ‘fun bits’ at the start of the weekly blog/rant and missing all the really interesting and informative articles further down.  I would like to point out that the stuff upfront is merely link bait for the quality stuff at the bottom. Think of me as a more primitive Buzzfeed that instead of sacrificing you to advertisers aims to gently push you to really interesting stuff that I and others have loving curated. Alternatively, you can ignore what I have just said like Samrat does and just look at the pictures. Samrat here are some pictures for you to look at. Note the subtle hint.

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 10.50.12Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 12.30.46

Having left a slightly damp Manchester I was looking forward to some warm weather in India. I like warm weather, this is one of the reasons I chose to work in Scotland as it is famed for its long and glorious summers. This is what the recruitment consultant told me. It was toasty to say the least in Dubai, it being 33 degrees at midnight. However, when we got to India and emerged for the usual DeathRace 2000 taxi journey from the airport to the hotel I was wishing that I had brought a coat with me. This may sound very strange but it was cold, really cold!  When we stepped out of the hotel the next morning to walk to the office I noticed the bomb dog was wearing a coat. The bomb dog, by way of explanation is the dog the security guys at the hotel drag out to walk around your car and make you feel reassured by their security. The languid expression that all these dogs wear tells me that they aren’t that keen on their job and I am not convinced of their detection abilities, however, they are a feature of Indian hotels. I would have taken a photo but my experience of security folk is that they are generally not too keen on you taking pictures of them. I also had an Irishman with me which meant they were already treating us with the utmost suspicison.

In contrast to the weather the welcome from the team was as ever very warm and we even arrived at a particularly fortuitous time for the one of us who likes curry. The team were celebrating the birthday of Ganesh which is this Friday and had arranged a ‘potluck’, which is where people cook food at home and bring it in. They politely rebuffed my offer of throwing into the mix a half eaten Gregg’s sausage roll that I found at the bottom of my bag. Have a look, the food was really,really nice…

2014-08-27 13.04.532014-08-27 13.00.182014-08-27 12.59.50

Talking of food I was sent a photo the other day, under conditions of strict anonymity. It was of the desk of one of the people in the team. I shan’t mention his name but he has a beard and wears grungy corduroy trousers; quite the fashion aesthete. As an aside, I believe he spends his weekends trying to popularise the socks and Birkenstock combo. Anyway, I don’t know what had gone on but it looks like a chocolate gorging beast has taken up residence at his desk! I don’t mind people pushing themselves towards type 2 diabetes but they could do it in a neater fashion. Even Rob ‘dustbin desk’ Thomson with a ‘P’ was heard to be muttering about the unacceptable state of the desk.


I haven’t had any ‘look a like’ nominations for any of the people in the team but I did find an innocent Indian drink masquerading as an meme like exclamation of disbelief.


I would personally associate WFT with the following…

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 22.46.39

Whilst I was in India I missed Scotland, however a couple of news outlets took the edge off my mid week homesickness.

First up, The Gruniad with a  stunning photo essay on Scotland’s gingers! Don’t peruse whilst eating.

Secondly, Vice (don’t worry most of the site is serious and SFW) ran a series on the food of Scotland. They kicked off in Glasgow, this mainly featured youths consuming Scotland’s favourite wine based aperitif but there was also a self styled ‘mad chef’ who made ice-cream with the stuff. There is a series and they are worth watching. Some of the food featured in later episodes isn’t fried.

We have have had whole bunch of people joining the team so I will gather up a few profiles when I am back and put them in next weeks blog. So if you are new start thinking about a short intro to yourself or I will make one up, which you really wouldn’t want.


No ZD this week I am afraid as due to different time zones I am issuing early.

Normal service will be resumed next week.


Amazon takes on Google by launching their own Ad network.

Ever fancy adding words to your photos? If you do, please find a link below to some nice apps to let you do just that…

I am  not sure it is that surprising but some good points on how Microsoft is attempting to thrive in the post PC world.

Peer 2 Peer. Square has already found a way offering this on their mobile platform.

In this hyper connected world are we aware of how our digital spaces are being shaped by algorithms? An interesting read.

Markos has found an App that aims to invest your small change. The theory being they can nudge you to saving a bit more for your retirement.

I hope you all have a good weekend. I am out with Louise without children for the first time in ages so I have produced some conversation cards so we know what to say to each other and have promised to have a wash and everything.

See you all soon.


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