Filthy dirty Edinburgh, reflections on the hack day, dressed as an angry wasp, Issac Brutal and look a likes

Some of you longer, more established and possible as result disturbed readers, will remember the terrible trauma I suffered while innocently meandering through the streets of Haymarket. I will not repeat what I saw as I had expunged the terrible images from my mind. Anyway, I thought I had seen the worst that Edinburgh has to offer when I came across the following horrors in full public view. Apparently they are associated with some sort of festival, I dread to think what they are celebrating.  Firstly, they have put up a massive tent on The Meadows and filled it with ladyboys, I have no idea why but they are quite unabashed by it as you can see. Maybe they are selling them? Secondly, they put up signs advertising a show that I am sure would make my hair curl and I am a very liberal person. Look….

2014-07-30 19.52.1220140731_070733

The hack day was a success, well it appeared so when I turned up at the end to wander around like Prince Charles, pretending I knew what was going on. I took a couple of snaps that I think sum up the dynamism of the day. You can see that Iain F is good at pointing, he learnt that in the military. Richard D does a very good impression of somebody who can concentrate, even though I think he was just on Robert T mistook the purpose of the meeting and took up court on a corner stool, regaling people with ‘amusing tales’. A skill I think he picked up in the many bars of Glasgow that he frequents. You can see how just how amused they are.

2014-07-24 15.01.172014-07-24 15.02.152014-07-24 15.00.24

Iain M. Can anyone explain why he turned up in the office the other day dressed as an angry wasp?

2014-07-28 12.51.25

We have some famous look a likes in the office this week. Being over the age of 15 I don’t really understand who ‘Cloud from Final Fantasy VII’ is but apparently Stefan looks like him. Margarita L also got into the spirit of the competition and did a passable impression of the late M Jackson when she wore a glove on one hand this week. Got to admire the teams efforts!

image001Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 13.48.16Issac Brutal. Who was he? Well it may surprise you to learn that he was Mike Ritchie’s friend when Mike was known as Arnold Bast**d. Yes Mike played in a punk band, together with Issac and another cohort who went by the name of Zacharia P Gobsh*te. Apparently they were quite good and may have been going places, I think they were once offered a 15 minute slot at a working mans club near Cowdenbeath. However, his punk career was sadly curtailed when his mum got a bit worried about the spitting, jumping around and being a bit angry that went with the concerts and demanded he turn his attention to some nice music like Abba. I will pay money for photos real and imagined!


He can’t have run out of strident opinions! I think the earlier editorial deadlines this week have sadly denied you some more ZD wisdom.


Robert Connors sent me this link the iWallet. Worth a read

The inimitable Markos sent me this link to a blog. Quite a fundamental development in the payment space.

Can we have traditional architects in today’s enterprise? A very good article, I recommend you read it

Wallets are popular. According to this article a way to make them more popular is to include loyalty cards.

Big money to be made in effectively pulling together customer insight across web and telephony journeys.

I am now off on holiday until the 18th August. Fortunately, for you all, you will be spared my slightly off colour weekly rant for a couple of weeks. My family will now have my undivided attention for a couple of weeks. Pity them.

Have a great couple of weeks and I look forward to seeing you all when I get back


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