Green hoop festival, Seagulls, MAMIL chain gang and more look a likes,

I was wondering through Roseburn park the other day singing ‘Girls in their Summer Clothes’ to myself, enjoying the fine entirely seasonal Scottish weather. The natives were too, I noticed a number of wildling women had even taken their bear skins off it was that warm. Anyway, I noticed a whole bunch of people wearing strange shirts, singing and attempting to very quickly drink Scotland’s favourite wine based aperitif before the polis turned up. Can anyone explain why Edinburgh has a ‘green hoop festival’? Is it a fertility ritual or some kind of appeasement to the gods? Also can someone explain why Paul H was there attempting to wrestle a pale skinned man in a Viking helmet? Scotland it’s all a mystery to me.


The general mystery that is Derek T also increases.  An inflatable has appeared above his head. He doesn’t seem to notice that it is there.


However, on the assumption that he does know it is there I started to think about what it could signify? Is it a Seagull, is Derek a fan of Chekov and his ‘stream of consciousness’ thinking, most Irish people are in my experience all being ardent readers of Joyce who also liked to ‘stream his writing’? Is it an Albatross, could it be a bad omen, could Derek be a fan of Coleridge? If he is, here is the relevant excerpt.

Ah! well a-day! what evil looks
 Had I from old and young!  140
 Instead of the cross, the Albatross
 About my neck was hung.

In the vain attempt to stave off middle aged spread I go cycling and am trying to encourage more people in the team to do the same. I have been slightly successful and the other night was joined by other MAMILs (Middle Aged Men in Lycra). Captain H, Fraser P and Rick B. It was a lovely night but didn’t start so well as Rick foolishly took advice from Captain H on tyre inflation and ended up deflating them, he had to wait for the more sensible Fraser to turn up and tell him what to do. Beggars belief really; all of these men have degrees in science subjects. When we finally set off we had a great time speeding through the salubrious suburb of Wester Hailes and eventually after much stopping and waiting for Captain H (small wheels, spindly legs and a touch of middle aged spread don’t an efficient cyclist make) we ended up in Fairmilehead. At one of the stops Fraser got really excited and dragged me off to see a stone of much importance. He explained that is was dragged their by men from Cowdenbeath in the 1960’s and they worshipped at it until the area went upmarket in the 80’s and they were chased away. He also genuflected in front of it. Incidentally, Fraser is not allowed out with us agains as he got home late and he full well knows he needs to be at home in his ‘jim jams’ by 2030hrs on a school night.


We have another entry into our ‘Look a Like’ competition. Keith G entered this with the assertion that he looks just like Tom Cruise, particularly when he clutches mustard in such a macho fashion.

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 09.28.29IMG_20140722_155434

Does anyone know why Paul Henry turned up in the office on Thursday wearing this outfit. I worry about him in this weather, you know how sensitive the ‘weegies’ are to sun stroke and the attendant undressing that goes with it.

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 12.27.19


Thank the heavens. He is back. I understand he managed to lock himself in a toilet whilst on holiday but thankfully is now out to give us another one of his famous columns. I give you the inimitable Ivan ‘Zero Defects’

I am still seeing the one amigo in our approach to building products, for many reasons the other 2 are trying to scale the silo walls..
good quote from this “…any IT department looking to ride the wave of developer-led innovation needs to embrace a cultural change, which is by no means an easy win….”
I see the words features, scenarios and tags, sounds very like a cucumber to me…
Facebook is now a Mega Cap. Worth more than Coke.

I really recommend you read ‘Bad Science’ and if you have any children I suggest you have a look at these resources. Great for analytical thinking.

Illuminating trends…

Cisco builds a developer programme

If you are a cyclist you may want to get a VelocityLight. I know I am. Mike and I met the company owner at the ‘Hack Day’ yesterday, very interesting guy. For more details see

Webinar from MongoDB on how retail banks use their product. You may want to join…

Have a great weekend. I am very excited as Louise and I are ‘dogging’ this weekend. In Englandshire the looking after of a small fluffy dog to the delight of little people is what we refer to as ‘ dogging’. I think.


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