Tour de France, hair and holiday snaps

Tour de France!


2014-07-05 12.34.02


2014-07-05 12.34.14

My kids with friend enjoying themselves at the Ikley hub, which featured fun fairs, drinking, brass bands and large screens. All the things you would associate with a cycle race. I don’t know where Joshua gets his happiness from, I guess he doesn’t watch the news or follow the stock market. Maybe I am too nice to him?

2014-07-05 14.58.22

Never mind the Tour de France or Brazil’s trouncing by the German machine. The real event of the last week must be the haircut that Stefan has had inflicted on himself. Amazing! I never thought he would get his hair cut but he shared with me the story of how it happened. Tragic really, his mum took him to the barbers after she had picked him from his ‘Standing on the beach topless with a blunt sword’ session or Karate practise as he would prefer to call it. She threw him in and demanded they gave him a Pat Sharp. I understand she is fan of 80’s DJ’s. He sticks the mullet bit on at the weekend.

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 18.33.03

So Tony ‘ Mankini’ Italian Name went on holiday. I am sure he had a lovely time but he needs to learn that anything you share on any social media platform cannot conform to the edict ‘what goes on, on the cruise ship, stays on the cruise ship’. Here he is in a hat clutching money. I am sorry but the shot is beyond my powers of parody. Maybe somebody else can give it a go?

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 12.29.27

Fen is very private person so we should be very grateful that he has agreed to share this holiday snap with us. If you didn’t know, I should explain, Fen goes traditional when he is on holiday hence the snap of him below kicking back in the Highlands, wearing the traditional costume of his tribe and enjoying a pint or two of mink blood.

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 12.26.00


Ivan ‘Zero Defects’ is on leave. No doubt being strident in his opinions somewhere!



Richard ‘Beard’ Davidson’s contribution this week, which is I think is basically a plea for somebody to go for a drink with him. I can also assure you Dear Reader that I only have a bottle of Buckies on my desk in the event that Robert T or any of the other hardcore Weegies in the office need a little pick me up after a hard morning.

After seeing Andrew have Buckfast for breakfast it occurred to me that my alcohol consumption has massively dropped since moving to Tesco Bank.
How do I fix that?
Other than that everything is awesome.
Actually it’s not. Swagger turned out to be disappointing. The tools are not ready yet it seems.
So I’m moving on to looking at json schema:
No doubt I’ll become obsessed by this for a bit, get angry at the (free) tools, delete everything, start again.
And, if the Metro isn’t entertaining you on the commute into work, I recommend this:
Basically an agile handbook but written as a story.

Some interesting comments in here on how CIO’s can embrace developer led innovation. I think we are doing a quite a bit of this already but there is always more to do…

Are websites spying on you? Find out how to find out..

Some really interesting stats on Mobile banking. Basically, mobile is taking over banking, which we knew already but it is good to get some affirming stats.—Britain-embraces-1billion-a-day-digital-banking-revolution

There is a massive dearth of female development talent in the UK. See article below. How can we encourage more women to join our team?

Sophia has her school summer fete this weekend. This is fine but it somehow also means we end up with a bloody bouncy castle (real one not the Android security library) in the back garden with lots of children on it and me cooking burgers for their parents. I shall pretend to enjoy it.


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