Look a likes, “donuts” and biscuits, a trip to the country and goodbye chicken man

We are a productive and talented team. You are, give yourselves hug and stuff.  We also have some people in the team who look like famous people, which generally just adds to the all round fabulousness. In recognition of this I would like to initiate a competition where members of the team can submit pictures of people in the team who they think are dopplegangers for famous people. There will be alcohol and cake prizes for the best ones. To get the ball rolling I would like to submit a picture of our very own Alistair, who when not being escorted to 1D concerts by his mum, does a very good impersonation of Harry Potter. See…


Whilst we are the subject of the talented my Black it was brought to my attention that when Markos “Vinny D” brought in copious doughnuts to celebrate his 50th (or was Tony 50? – I get confused with these mediterranean types and their youthful looks) he ate 24 over the course of one day. By the end he looked a little like this….

Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 17.25.14

Talking about confectionary. I happened to be strolling, or marching as others call it, past the Loans and Savings hub of activity when I noticed they had biscuits. Not only was I shocked that they thought they had enough time to eat biscuits I was also a little dismayed at the shape of these biscuits. Look, just look at them…


There is Nemo, Lightning McQueen, Winnie the Pooh… i could go on. They didn’t even buy them in this shape, one of them deliberately made them look like this.  None of them are under 12, some of them may even be pushing 40 and they work in IT.  WTF! They could at least have some self respect and bring in biscuits that look like space ships, or Castle Greyskull or even noughts and ones.

Captain Haphazard and I had another little sojourn out to the country this week as the fiery thing was in the sky and the local news hadn’t reported any serious outbreaks of marauding Wildlings beyond the protective shadow of the castle. Scotland is a lovely place as you can see, however, it must be said that some of it is lovelier than other bits. Maybe we can have another competition where we send in pictures of the loveliest bits of Scotland, I am not sure the competition will last that long but why don’t we give it a go? If you look closely you will see the athlete that is Captain H storming through the village of Gullane; maybe if he bought a bike with the right size wheels he would move a little faster. Can somebody take him to one side and explain?

20140624_190936 20140624_195458

Mr Chicken, aka Pete Trewin, is leaving today! He has finally finished wrestling with mobile defects and fearing infection from sitting near Robert’s desk and is on his way. He tells me that he is in the UK for the rest of the year and is looking to head to the States after that, so hopefully we can catch up with him soon. I know he really likes hugging so do me a favour and all give him a hug before he leaves at 4 today. Some of you might not know why we call him Mr Chicken? If you think it is because he eats so much chicken then you are wrong. The real reason is he enjoys dressing up as a chicken in his free time and communing with other chickens, see below…

Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 10.51.18

Pete, from the whole team, we wish you well with whatever you do in the future.


Mr Zero Defects wonders why banks still seem to be so far behind.

Nice overview of iOS functional testing
Some radical thinking in the world of banking software? This one statement sums it all up for me…
“..The idea is for a project to be split into small chunks which are presented to users on a regular basis as completed pieces of functionality…”
Then I saw the article was over 10 years old, wonder what they are doing now?
For all those closet cucumber practitioners out there, did you know you can use pirate or even scouse for your gherkin steps!

As I was doing my big bang upfront PDP planning I thought of this, a very interesting work model


Interesting article on the start-up ecosystem in Scotland,




Richard ‘beard’ continues with his weekly contribution. I am not sure I see the fun in the Japanese visual multiplication but maybe that’s just me….

Given the palpable excitement in the air with the upcoming hack day, I looked at how other places did hack days for inspiration for ideas for the board:
http://www.theguardian.com/info/developer-blog/2013/feb/18/guardian-hack-day-february-2013-day-1 (full of hippies and lefty loons. They had donuts)
https://www.kickstarter.com/blog/hack-day-2013 (hardware hacks are cool. Building shelf == moar productivity == $$£$£$£$. Maybe)
http://techblog.netflix.com/2014/02/netflix-hack-day.html (wonder how many of these hacks use the APIs they are now turning off..)
Nothing to do with hack days but math-tastic:
Japanese visual multiplication: https://www.math.hmc.edu/funfacts/ffiles/10006.1.shtml


Are we all technologists now?


I don’t think this is  particularly good article but Tesco does get a mention so worth having a read about.

Data nationalism. I really hope not but I suspect there is an inevitability to this.


Saw this Steve Jobs quote today. I am not a Steve Jobs acolyte particularly when you consider he spent part of his life not washing and could be a complete bastard to work for but I think this quote is really worth thinking about.

“Do you create anything, or just criticise other’s work and belittle their motivations”.

Don’t forget the hack day is now scheduled for the 25th July. Don’t forget to put your name down and any suggestions you have. The more people we have the better. Also the more suggestions we have reduces the likelihood we have to build Mr Ritchie’s cheap date, meat aisle hook up app. I am not sure Tesco build Grindr app with Clubcard points and encourage men to hang around the meat aisle will go down too well with the PR people.

Have a great weekend everybody.


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