Scorchio, carnivores, bitchy, Deliverance

It was a bit warm this week for the fair denizens of this soon to be/not to be (delete as per preference) country. I mean a whole couple of days when the mercury was hovering above the 20 degrees Celsius mark, how could the people famed for their light skins cope? Some just got on with in and put on less clothing than is strictly considered polite to show off their lightly scorched skin. In fact, I saw so many people wondering around with what looked like nasty burns that I started to worry that a maniac with a blow torch was running around Edinburgh. There was one guy I spotted who was clearly so hot and bothered that he thought it would be a good idea to take most of his clothes off and sit on a window ledge, look…..


I am glad he was sensible and was wearing a hat to protect himself from the sun.

I mentioned last week that Andy Ryan, when not bothering scanners is a big fan of meat. I also found out the other evening that Mr Tucker is also a big fan of meat and potatoes, a little surprising given his origins. Look, they both enjoy the same cut, Cote de Boeuf.

20140618_212338 20140522_220414

The difference was in the way they ordered their meat mountains. Andy wrote the following on a napkin and waved it under the waitresses eyes making bleeping noises.

Recipe : Beef Steak
ingredients = [beef]
cook (rare fry)
amount (whole cow)

whereas Derek just plainly stated “bring me a cow, just wipe its fooking a**e”

I happened to walk past the Loans and Savings team the other day and stopped to chat to the Kung Fu Gigolo. He was exclaiming his surprise at the loss of hirsuteness of his Beloved Scrum Master of all things that are Code related in the Savings and Loans Space, as I believe Richard likes to be known. He did this by describing  Richard as looking like Gollum. I thought this was a bit rich given that he hangs around people’s gardens in his Pj’s doing synchronised splits. Anyway I give you both.

Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 18.34.22 Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 18.30.56

Ladies, you may to want to know that the site I grabbed the Pj’s picture from also features men in tight T-Shirts brandishing swords on beaches, dancing around waterfalls, etc. If that doesn’t get the pulse racing, I don’t know what will ….

You may have noticed that Fen was out of the office last week. Difficult not to notice given he left Captain H in charge and a shambles ensued. Anyway he sent me a little snap of himself enjoying himself on what he called his ‘Deliverance’ weekend. I am not sure what he meant but he said there were men there, and machines and water and somebody squealed liked a pig. He then looked into the middle distance and started singing “Summer is icumen in, loudly sing cuckoo. Grows the seed and blows the mead, and springs the wood anew. Sing, cuckoo! Ewe bleats harshly after lamb, cows after calves make moo.” I have no idea what he was on about but it was nice to see him so happy.


Disruption won’t happen to banks or will it…

Given our team purpose, we are in the persuasion business whether we like it or not. This article could help

Read this, a homemade mesh network with a capacity of 150 MBPs. Maybe we could build one

Will Google buy Twitch and is Twitch the next big thing?


Ivan ‘zero defects’ at this strident best

orthodoxy as organizational sclerosis
How do we get our stagnant audit driven organisation moving to embrace change and make delivery a less painful exercise that can be repeated again and again…?
Coconut Headphones”
Agile is over 12 years old, if it were a toolset it would be long dead by now (unless it was rebranded by HP as a test tool). The original ideal has been beaten to death spawning an huge industry that sells stuff to companies under the “A” banner so that they may somehow rule the world. Lets move back to the original ideal and adopt “agility” with a small “a” that uses empowered creative people to deliver the correct software in the correct way.



Losing his beard hasn’t dented his enthusiasm for contributing.

He wants us to use Swagger to document our APIs. Have a look..

He did try and show me a demo he has been working on with for Loans and Savings but it didn’t work. Go and ask him about it he may have got his act together. In the meanwhile have a look at their exemplar..


Enjoy the weekend. I hope the good weather continues.


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