Pitbull, One Direction (1D if you are young), nudity and a spot the difference competition

I was amazed to see on my Twitter feed that Pitbull made an appearance at the WWDC this week. For those of you in the team who prefer Light Jazz or a symphony performed by a String Quartet I should inform you that he is a popular artiste from the US of A specialising in a form of street rhyming popular with the urban young. Take a look below…

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 08.50.32Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 12.35.14

Or could it be our very own Swiftian, purse carrying, handbag wearing, stroking person of Greek origin. I think it is. Marcus, Iain if you are reading this thanks very much for the updates, greatly appreciated but we don’t need you anymore. Apple have told me that we now need people with 5 years Swift experience. Sorry you are victims of the inexorable march of technology.

I was cycling home, yes Derek cycling home, the other day when I was surprised to find crowds of people in the Roseburn park; normally you get a dog walker or two and that is it but there were 1000’s of people mainly young and female. Being nosey I stopped to ask two “polismen” what was going on and they wearily explained that there was a One Direction concert at Murrayfield. This is the view down Roseburn Avenue, if you look closely you will see a poor father being dragged by his daughter to he horrors of 50,000 young girls and 1D greatly amplified.


I did look around to see if I could see Margarita or Lesley, I was convinced they would be there with their Harry Styles’ T-Shirts, but I couldn’t see them. However, I did see Alistair B and Douglas P, they were difficult to spot as they were both wearing Harry Styles’ wigs. They weren’t together, Alistair was with his mum, Douglas wasn’t. Glad to see both the young and old getting away from a  computer screen for a few hours!

It may have come to the attention of some that Bruce Willis’ daughter, Rimmer, or whatever they call her has decided to protest at Instagram’s decision to ban nudity by posting topless pictures of herself. It’s a little ironic as all the news outlets carried the pictures with the interesting bits blacked out; nipples terrifying! Anyway, I know lots of you are interested in Internet freedom but I would strongly urge, nay beg, that none of you follow her example or indeed that of the Scotsman below having an environmental protest on the M8 this morning.

Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 14.27.24

I am glad to announce that I am increasingly getting guest contributions for the blog which is great. The more the merrier. I received this today from a mystery source  with the caption ‘Spot the Difference’



The man who needs no introduction. Ivan ‘Zero Defects’ Ryan….
I had two interesting meetings recently involving people from across the digital “divide” in the wallet project, developers and testers. It was interesting to see that there was agreement on a lot of issues that would help deliver one efficient pipeline but the agile concept of an empowered team to make these happen is not quite there. There seems to be little culture of continuous improvement at my level, I can see the focus for product improvement but not for the people or processes. One solution is Kaizen (“change for the better”). “…..The goal of Kaizen is to humanize the workplace, eliminate difficult work, eliminate waste in process, identify areas of improvement, and experiment with solutions to problems……”
Interesting article on how the guardian engineered version 3 of their app




Richard ‘Beard’ Davidson has also got in on the act. He sent me this last week. Well worth clicking on..

I’ve been listening to the Arrested Devops podcast a lot recently:
They mentioned this site which has some interesting ideas on how to share information on agile boards:

If you need to write stuff, or want to improve your vocabulary you may find the below interesting….


Skills to invest in if you haven’t already..Please have a look, there is a great diagram of Git flow’s branching strategy…


Have a look at this tweet. Great diagram on feedback loops as part of the thinking/conversation process…

jwaterslynchEnjoyed the loops of conversations today with @simongterry http://t.co/L4YYbwG1eT03/06/2014 07:34

Great article on agile. If you are not too familiar with Agile please read, very insightful despite its provocative title


Have a great weekend and good luck to all those taking part in the 4 Abbey’s challenge, particularly Derek and Mark, although I believe they are only doing 1 Abbey and 3 Pubs.

Mark BTW tyres have a direction and are more effective if put on the right way, just like jumpers.


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