Spot the athlete, what a party, rude cacti and toes

How did we not know? The athleticism in this place is outstanding, all around the team there are fine figures of men (and ladies before you grumble) who cannot wait to slip into some tight lycra and indulge in some extreme cardio vascular exuberance. Just look at the chap to the right of the photo below; the speed, the determination, the sheer finesse of his cycling style! Surely some sort of well known competitive event cannot be too far from his mind. For example, I am sure he would be embraced with open arms by the organisers of the Tour De France that will be wending its way through Yorkshire very soon. 



Those of you who bother the read the contents of this blog and can remember at least some of the contents from one week to the next will know there was a LARPing party at the Biggest Loser’s house in Bonnybridge. Apparently the evening started really well, with Orcs, Wizards, Aliens and the like politely communing in Klingon. However, I believe some of the LARPers took it a little too far and decided to role play the bacchanalian excess of Caligula’s court and it got very messy very quickly. I have seen some photos and I sincerely wish I hadn’t seen them as they have caused me to have flashbacks and night terrors. I would not wish this upon the loyal readers of the blog so I can only show you the tamest of the ones I have seen. Why Stephan, why, why?


Rude Cacti. Rod is in Spain somewhere on holiday. Clearly it can’t be a very exciting holiday because he found time to hunt down some ‘priapic’ cacti and send them to Captain Haphazard. I am a little worried that Rod has caught some dreadful cacti appreciation hobby, he already ’twitches’s so he can be far from the insanity that is cacti bothering. Anyway if you wish to look at rude cacti; below.


If anyone cares they may recall that I had a toe stubbing incident when in Bangalore on the way to a micro-brewerey. Well it duly went very black and last night it fell off. Just thought you might like to know. 

We had Seb Rose in on Thursday to talk about BDD. Thanks to Mike ‘Dr Evil’ Ritchie for organising as it was a very good session what I saw of it. The key take away for me was the value and power of the 3 Amigo’s meeting, further evidence to me that the key to good software delivery is just ensuring you get quality business people engaging with quality software people with as little fuss as possible.  Easy to say I know but very difficult to execute, however, as a good start  lets just collaborate at every opportunity we get. 

Request from Chris Brind to publicise JUGS. I was hoping to sponsor their next meet up but we were beaten to it by NCR. We will be hosting an event soon so the more of you who get involved the better. 

“Can you put something in the blog about Java User Group Scotland and encourage people to join the mailing list?  It’s fairly low volume but the occasional meetups are sometimes gems.”


Ivan ‘Zero Defects’ Corner

As relevant today as it was 13 years ago, the three Cs (simple but powerful):
1:CARDS – headline, context (as a <user>, I want some <inventive stuff>>, so that I can  <make my life easier>) and acceptance criteria.
2:CONVERSATION – talk, write scenarios, what if, happy path, sad path, behaviour, forget interfaces, then talk again. Are we happy if all the scenarios are satisfied then the story is done?
3:CONFIRMATION – Execute the scenarios, some are automated,  to confirm done, show the Product Owner (you did speak to them in step 2?), throw the card in the bin and move on, life’s too short. If someone else needs to do a ‘doneness’ ‘test’ again then ask why and keep asking why? I know I do….Sometimes simple is more difficult than complex!
A good article I found on how small teams work better and deliver more. There is also once again a graph with alignment/autonomy on the axis, a theme I keep seeing. Well worth reading.

Want to stop companies knowing what you are doing? Also you can find out how much you are worth to Facebook and Google and the likes.

Something I saw on Twitter. “Google spent 2.3 billion on infrastructure in Q1. Remember that when you say you want to be the Google of something”. A lot of money and very impressive but should we all be worried about the huge barriers to entry the Digital giants are growing every day combined with very low marginal costs? 

Apple looks like it is going to buy Dr Beats. Why, say I and a number of other people?  They aren’t very good but I suppose that is the power of a good brand.

“Managements job is not to prevent risk but to build the ability to recover” good thinking from Pixar in my humble opinion. See the full article here

Have a great weekend everybody.


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