LARPing party, turning into a cat, behaving like a first world war general and weirdness in a PCA meeting

I have it on good authority that a number of you are off to a LARPing party tonight. I can just see the elves and trolls ‘a filled with alcohol’ frolicking with Bonnybridge’s biggest loser.  I was actually told that the ‘Biggest Loser’ was having a Star Wars themed party but as we all well know this is code for a full on LARPing fest. I personally imagine it will look like this…


For those of you who are going I will pay good money for a picture of Vinny Diesel dressed up. 

Here is a picture of Barry Arrends having been up all night to put in the new Compare insurance journey.  A great effort please go and have look at it…they need all the traffic they can get. I enquired about the whereabouts of Andrew Littlejohns and was told by Barry that Andrew was supporting him the style of a 1st World War general. I.e., nowhere near the front line. I believe he was in bed with Mrs Littlejohns. I shall initiate a General Melchett award, so if anyone has a General’s hat then let me know.   


Seriously though it was good to see a delivery with minimal resource and lacking a management 3 ring circus. It went well and is a good illustration of how everything should be delivered?

Tony ‘Pussy Cat’ Ciarletta has gone nuts. I wondered past his desk the other day and he was meowing and eating a lot of fish. Poor old Andy R sat next to him was wishing he was back within the comfortable embrace of the Inter Corridor Scanner Crew at the other end of the second floor, as I believe they call themselves these days. In fact he was so alarmed that he started to make involuntary beeping noises. Seriously look at the amount of fish he was eating…I genuinely believe he will one day turn up looking like the man below.  


The PCA team aren’t generally known for being a bit eccentric so you can imagine my surprise when I entered the nightly defects meeting a little late and was invited in and asked if I would to chew on a jelly cock. Neil even told me that the red ones were his preference. I am not making this up, see below for the evidence.  


In fact these confectionary delights were proof positive that Tesco bank debit cards, soon to be launched, now work at Anne Summers which I know is a big relief to a lot of you. 


No Zero Defects this week. He is off being indignant somewhere else. 


I sat down with my DRs this week to start creating our objectives. To help us I asked them to write down what they thought good looked like as we clearly want successful hitting of our objectives to have a great outcome. They were pretty inspiring so I thought I would share them with you.

No key man dependencies
Long term resourcing vs short term allocation 

3 releases per week with no downtime
Fully responsive adaptive website 

No panic
Trusted relationship with business


Team mobility
Deployments are routine

Bonnybridge’s Biggest Loser sent me this “Thought this was pretty cool and useful to help understand what BitCoin is:
Dr Evil sent me this. You can almost hear him cackle when you open the link… Its about Geeks and repetitive tasks.  

 There’s an interesting sounding talk in a few weeks on AWS but please don’t follow a certain Front End Dev’s route guide, you will end up in Dunfermline or something like that. I couldn’t comment on which one it is but its the one with the hair.

A resuable rocket. Look at this footage its great.

A good guide to ensuring your content gets maximum exposure.

Just one final thought. I know Paul H is a pretty resolute character but I didn’t realise how brave he was until today. He left Glasgow in daylight and plans to go back to Glasgow in daylight with a pink shirt on!

Have a good long weekend everybody…

BTW Captain Haphazard – its not good form to haggle with 90 year old women about cacti so just pay the asking price. 


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