Posing, cavemen diets, hair and a tidy desk

Does anybody remember the famous photograph of Princess Diana when the ‘paps’ fooled her into standing with the sun behind her so her dress became translucent. I do and it has always acted as reminder to be very cautious when requested to stand somewhere for a photo. Its a good job these two merino wearing trendies didn’t think about where they were requested to stand and pose. This photo will make quite a few appearances…. 


Has anybody else noticed what Tony C has been eating? It is like working with a caveman. He just eats large chunks of meat and fish, some of it is cooked I believe. He told me he was doing this in an attempt to be the only 50 year on his cruise with a six pack. I would like to suggest to Tony that he stops the extreme diet and the wearing of his children’s clothing and just slips into comfortably upholstered middle age like the rest of us. Tony start modelling yourself on this chap, you will fit right in on your cruise and in Scotland as well! 


Alistair, your team asked me to remind you that you had something to do this week, something to do with Java. Very kind I thought they really are a nice bunch. I hope this reminder isn’t too late. 

Can anyone explain why Stefan turned up on Thursday this week with his hair modelled on this chap? Of course we are an empathetic equal hair opportunities team so no criticism should be implied by this question. I am just curious.  


It took him 7 hours and 3 skips but Robert has tidied his desk!!!!!!! He has gone all minimal on us, maybe he is planning on retraining as a Feng Shui consultant? Anyway, well done we are all really proud of you. 


Ivan Zero Defects is back with some strident opinions. To be honest I share all of them!

Some anti-patterns I see every day, “step away from the tools and fix the culture?”

1: Big bang planning and releases – “Small batches reduce risk
2: Long release test cycles – “Release Testing is high cost, low value risk management theatre
3: Silos – “Functional silos abstract people away from the consequences of their actions

Mr Zero Defects isn’t the only one providing some interesting content for this blog. Iain McCloud sent me this article. It is a fantastic read and I implore you to read it. 


I have heard quite a number of people predicting the downfall of Facebook as younger people desert it to avoid their embarrassing elders. Doesn’t seem to be happening, it also shows how quickly they can turn round their development when you look at the amount of money now being made by mobile. 


They also aren’t standing still. Moving into money services makes a lot of sense when an estimated 50% of the Internet is on your platform. 



I was off last week when Richard Davidson joined the team as a Scrum Master on Loans and Savings.  I would like to say hello and welcome to Richard this week. He has joined us from NCR and has plenty of mobile and barcode experience. Richard a quick word of warning, Andy Ryan really likes barcodes, he has scrapbooks full of them so he will want to talk to you for hours once he discovers that you used work with them. He may even attempt some of his barcode impressions on you. His PDF417 is quite good. 

Have a great weekend everybody. 


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