A good weekend, young people do odd things, the two sides of Edinburgh and a bad weekend

Well we all came in for the ‘Don’t break the bank PCA release’, or Release 1 as it is formally known and what happened? From my recollection not a lot, in fact I haven’t been as bored since the time Captain Haphazard started to give me the names of the cacti in his vast collection. Being bored was a really good thing as it meant the release went in well and we had no real issues to deal with. Robert spent the whole night staring at a wall to keep himself calm and in a zen like state in case he was called on to leap on an issue in a Ninja like fashion. Tony C was a real swat and did some work, he was talking to Americans late into the night. 

We can’t be complacent as there is still a lot to do in the coming months but it was a very good start. 

Young people! They are our future and sometimes that really worries me, particularly if you look at the evidence below. One minute they are showing off the fruits of their reckless gambling habit and the next they are dressed like an anarchist slumped over a desk whilst all around the elderly work their fingers to the bone. The Daily Mail shall hear of this. I am not sure why Stephan was so pleased to win some rapeseed oil, maybe it was just further evidence of his addiction to the thrills of Bingo.  


Edinburgh is beautiful city but I hadn’t quite appreciated the cultural diversity that is on offer until this week. Its a place where the eating of kebabs is treated as an equal opportunity post evening entertainment pursuit yet around each corner you can bump into a Henry Moore.  I suspect the kebab promotion was staged as I have never seen a woman eating a kebab, or for that matter met one who has ever admitted to eating one. The kebab eating demographic is strictly limited to single drunken males.  


I hadn’t ever thought of using “assclown” as an insult but thanks to the Mongolian government this has now been brought to my attention. How? They have just brought out a list of words that are banned from use on any Mongolian website. It is amusing for a minute then you realise the implications for freedom of speech..


The President of Turkey has also decided to ban Twitter! See this blog entry from Paul Mason. Also a cause for grave concern. 


What words help make good link bait? Here is a study to help you understand.


Are banks going to have to change to compete moving forward? I think so, so does this article.



Ivan Zero Defects is pushing the controversy button in this weeks entry. And quite rightly too, we don’t work in Adam Smith’s pin factory!


One of the Agile conferences I went to had Bob Marshall present this model, and straight away I thought yep almost every place I have worked in matched stage 2-3, some were trying to get to stage 4 and some sadly wanted to remain  stuck at stage 2 (lack of trust, command and control, pretty much a management model since the mills!).
 Stage 2 – rigid adherence to rules, little or no discretionary judgement, potential to fall back to ad-hoc thinking, unconscious incompetence
Bad weekend. Why? Well I just found out today that Louise has pulled a muscle in her back. This could mean that I will have to do something around the house. The thought fills me with abject terror therefore I will ask that all of you put yourselves on call this weekend in case I need to ring and get advice about a variety of topics, including washing machines and wrangling with 3 year olds. 

Enjoy your weekend. 


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