Some big news, more India and the dumbing down of the BBC

You may have thought that Facebook’s staggering $19BN payment for WhatsApp was this weeks news. It wasn’t, the big news this week was Craig McPheat resigning. Those of you who don’t know Craig need to be appraised of a few things to fully appreciate the man. His friends call him Trampy. A bit harsh I thought but if you look at the picture I managed to get hold of of Craig deep in thought about CMS’s or whatever he thinks about, you might agree he has a passing resemblance to a tramp; or Accommodation Challenged Person with Issues as I believe is the PC term for them. He also speaks Glaswegian.


So where is this troubadour of the road heading? Well he told me was off to something called Project Rainbow. This puzzled me for a while and then I remembered the children’s show from the 80’s of the same name and it all fell into place. He was off to digitise this wonderful British institution, dragging it into the 21st century. Maybe he will appear in it? I just see him with George,Zippy and Bungle, can you?


The duller truth is that he is off RBS to work on a big digital initiative with an old RBS brand, Williams and Glynn. I have mixed feelings in that Craig will be  missed but I am also delighted to see that he is taking a big step in his career. 

Regarding the Facebook deal. I was somewhat surprised, especially given that Google offered $1BN last year, and I don’t think I am alone in this. However, it must have been quite a day at WhatsApp, there are only about 100 of them and the business was only founded in 2009. Here is a quote from a Silicon Valley insider ” Probably five people are going to be rich beyond belief, the rest are going to be rich and there’s an admin assistant who right now is picking out the colour of her Lamborghini,”

Also have a look at this article. Good analysis and facts – WhatsApp transmits 18 billion messages a day but does’t send any of them. Nice work if you can get it!

India again. 

Here are some more pictures of the campus. It really is a nice place with lots of friendly people. For the benefit of people form Scotland the thing with a cover is to protect people from the SUN! If you look closely you will also notice that I managed to get a shot of ‘Prince Charles’ on a walkabout..


Also, from India. I found this book in a pub, I kid you not. Maybe we could get some insight from the ladies in the team about whether they worry and what they worry about? I know if I ask Louise the resultant rant will feature such vignettes as… I have to advise you on the phone about the need to use fabric conditioner which type to buy and where in the strange machine to put it, I work and look after the children, you can’t remember when the children were born, will Facebook run out of stuff for me read, you have a beard…..I could go on



No wisdom from Ivan Zero Defects this week as he is on holiday. Probably trying to install a zero defect culture in his children. Hopefully, more next week.


Giving Rod a plug. He has gone and written a book for children, despite having no children himself. Maybe he is really childish so it really helps him write books for children. Anyway judge for yourselves. <Rod having plugged it in this well read and respected publication I demand a free copy>

An agile maturity matrix. Very comprehensive, let me know what you think? Personally, I feel it is a little too detailed and as such detracts from the spirit of the Agile Manifesto. For me too formal a framework contradicts the part of the manifesto that talks about valuing “individuals and interactions over process and tools”.

The internet of things. You may or may not believe in it. I do. Have a look at a proposed protocol stack for it. Anything you think we should be doing to accommodate this fast approaching new paradigm?

Clearly the government is taking the teaching of code seriously, which is to be applauded but learning to code in a day? I think they need more people who have actually done some coding talking about it on Newsnight. Have a watch, also read some of the comments. I don’t think Lottie is very popular with the coding community!

Yes the BBC is/has officially dumbed down. As a serious consumer of news I was dismayed to see a popular story on the BBC with the link header ‘Large Pooh blocks Scottish sewer’. See below for full story. Most read/most shared on most sites is a good way of determining the focus of most the masses but it doesn’t make for good reading. For example, for a number of days ‘Porn users don’t realise they are being watched’ was the most popular story on the Telegraph – says it all really.

Some amazing facts about India. Check out the statistics on the road fatalities and reflect on last week’s blog!

Finally, you may be pleased to know that I have ordered an Estimote iBeacon developer kit. So get your thinking caps on.


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