Simba and scruffy desks

Yes we have our very own Lion King! It was brought to my attention this week that the accident prone head of ‘Black Ops’ has indulged in semi naked wrestling with a lion. He failed to win the fight and was treated to some rather unpleasant anti rabies injections. I struggled to imagine how he could come into contact with a lion let alone decide to have a semi naked wrestle with one. Was he once a secret stand in for Siegfried and Roy? The picture below belies this as I somehow don’t think his standards of sartorial elegance are on quite the same ‘playing field’ as theirs.


The truth was a little more prosaic as I discovered. He was enjoying a brief sojourn to Spain and was relaxing in true British style by having a few drinks by the pool which subsequently led to a sleeping Mr Plumer. Whilst he was having pleasant dreams, probably in Linux, some picture touts attempted to engage him in a commercial transaction by dumping a lion cub on him. This startled him awake alarming the cub which then mauled him. I can’t believe a man can be this unlucky and I am now worried about our trip to India and any potential blowback I may experience by just being in the vicinity of this one man disaster zone. The last time I went to India with him he spent several days attending a dentist to have root canal treatment.

Talking about India I am delighted that we will be meeting Jon Higgins, an IT Director who has been tasked by Mike McNamara with implementing continuous delivery practices across Tesco. We spoke to Jon this week and from the conversation and material he shared with us it is clear that we have absolutely aligned thinking on development and deployment practices. I will of course share more once we have met with him. 


Lots going on the team this week. The Strategic Tagging team have pulled it out of the bag and we have a way forward for that project. My thanks to Karan, Oonagh and David for their sterling efforts. The Wallet team continue to do battle with the process for deploying solutions to production and we will very soon have Wallets in customers hands. They even found time this week to host a meeting with Karl Bedlow, Insurance Director, who was very impressed and “inspired” by what he saw. Android is functionally complete and the team are working on closing out defects and an endpoint security solon. Mobile Banking, thanks to late night perseverance from Scott M and problem solving from Pete, Douglas and Rob is finally getting into PPE for non functional testing. Site Improvements is starting to get some shape on what they build and the team are now looking at building working prototypes. And there is Loans and Savings Optimisation and an Insurance project starting very soon. 

We sadly have to say goodbye to Richard Grant, who leaves us today. I am sure he will humming Limahl songs on the way out. On a positive note we have a couple of new starters. Colin McRoberts joined this week as a scrum master and Louis Jimbert  joined us last week as a developer in Compare. 

Technology article sent to me by Paul H. Banks having trouble with their IT, who would have thought? The interesting point is how lots of smaller companies are now challenging the banks. This is happening and we need to continue to change to meet the challenge.

Intellectuals on the bus again. I spotted a man on the bus this morning reading The Elegant Universe. He was not what I would call sartorially elegant but hats off to him for his intellectually heavyweight reading. I doubt he was American having spotted this fact from Pew research, 23% of them have not read a single book in the last year. A shame really as there is something for every taste, including this gem….

Should I buy Facebook? If their strategy is to be believed then maybe I should.

Mr Ritchie aka Dr Evil sent me this. Some people clearly have some weightier issues to worry about than development practices.

Ivan One and a Bit Defects corner.  Ivan sent me the below picture. A rather succinct illustration of a perennial IT problem of a customer’s expectations not being met for a variety of reasons. All of them related to too many people getting between the customer and the actual developers.


Have a great weekend everybody and spare a thought for the Black ops duo who are in to make changes to the Dev Lan to give it a little more stability.


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