Somethings the old shouldn’t do, somethings the young struggle with and cheese

When I say old I mean over the ripe old age of 35. I am over 35, therefore, would not dream of trying to get on a skateboard. You fall off them and have to wear demeaning trousers that show your pants. I would certainly not dream of getting on a skateboard without wheels and throwing myself down a steep hill covered in snow. I believe they call it snowboarding. Unfortunately, one of the Black ops team does enjoy getting his thrills this way, even though there must be no shortage of thrills in their day to day activities. I say unfortunately because Mark has broken his collar bone! I understand this is rather painful and means you just need to keep your arm and collar bone still for it to heel. He has already had a kind offer from Fen to help him with his car but if he can’t move his arm he is going to struggle with his clothes. Therefore, I am using this platform to appeal for volunteers to help him put on his pants on a daily basis. I think he will need help for at least a month. 

You may or may not know that the Android development team have been short of a build screen for a while. The problem hasn’t been the lack of builds, they have lots of builds and in particular are doing some really interesting things with UI testing and Jenkins (ask Mia). The problem was they couldn’t mount their monitor on the stand provided. I was told this was something to do with a missing or incorrect bracket. This went on for months! You can imagine my surprise this week when I saw the younger member of their team putting up the screen with exactly the same parts it was delivered with. I believe a slighter older person had to provide them with a diagram of how to put it together. The older people in the team blamed the younger one for this farce and made him put it up, see below. It may not have been his fault but in the interests of balance I am equal opportunities castigator of both the younger and older members of the team.


Cheese. Apparently people enjoy a POWER BALLAD. Well according an article in The Guardian trendanistas in London are attending POWER BALLAD night club events where they indulge in the guilty pleasures of a POWER BALLAD. I think I may this evening get the playlist on and subject the children and Louise to some air guitar moves and power gurning. You may want to do the same too?

Wallet. This week the team reached a very significant milestone with the successful pass through of a wallet payment in the integrated test environment from app right through to Worldpay; in the process exercising the Wallet payment services, Enterprise Payment Services, Safe & Solve, self service tills, manned tills and the identity solution. Just listing the high level components across both PLC and Bank that make up the Wallet solution gives you an idea of the scale of the solution and the significance of this milestone. We have some significant challenges ahead but should not lose sight of how quickly and how well this build has gone. I would like to single out Andy Ryan for particular praise at this juncture for his extra efforts over the Christmas holidays to keep the project on schedule. He had planned on being on holiday but was in every day to manually deploy the Wallet solution to the staging environment. 

Android is dev complete ahead of schedule which is real achievement. Despite their struggles with brackets and stuff they have proven themselves to be a formidable development team. They with the iOS, dev ops guys, environment and test teams have some real challenges to get some robust banking apps out to our customers to support PCA launch. I ask that all of you give all the teams involved across bank as much support as you can over the coming weeks and months. Remember we all succeed together.

Both the Strategic tagging and Site Improvements teams have significant milestones coming up soon. ST had Ensightem in for a deep dive this week and is close to getting submissions from the key bank suppliers required to give us the ability to intelligently assess which direction the project should take. SI have been very busy doing a lot content and design work and very soon the front end boys will be whipping up some working prototypes. I look forward to provide updates on these in the near future. 

More Wallets. Multiple banks look to launch Zapp.

What are Google planning on doing with our homes or with our eyes for that matter

I am not sure if any of you have ever read anything on but if you have time I would recommend it. By time I mean a lot of time, they don’t do Twitteresque articles but sometimes it is good to stretch your concentration. They have asked their annual question, which this year is “What scientific idea is ready for retirement?” There are a number of responses that you may not be interested in. for example, The Universe Began In A State Of Extraordinarily Low Entropy, however, you may find 
Jay Rosen on Information Overload interesting. Here is a sample quote, and one I very much empathise with

“The Internet scholar Clay Shirky puts it well: “There’s no such thing as information overload. There’s only filter failure.” If your filters are bad there is always too much to attend to, and never enough time. These aren’t trends powered by technology. They are conditions of life.”

Or take issue with Gary Marcos on retiring the idea of Big Data

“science still revolves, most fundamentally, around a search of the laws that describe our universe. And the one thing that Big Data isn’t particular good at is, well, identifying laws. Big Data is brilliant at detecting correlation; the more robust your data set, the better chance you have of identifying correlations, even complex ones involving multiple variables. But correlation never was causation,”

All of above and more are here

I hope you all have a good weekend. I will leave you with the following thought. Rob Thompson and Scott McBain separated at birth? 


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