Budget pimptastic, small world, Glasgow tree, war of the cakes and a black screen

Budget pimptastic! It used to be that a chap who fancied himself a bit of a ‘player’ would have to spend some serious money on his wheels. Not anymore. Have a look at the dash on the ‘bad boy’ below!


The outside of the car is also a real bling treat. Sliver wing mirrors, ceramic effect alloys, low profile tyres and a low, low ride. So who would drive a car like this? Well, imagine my surprise when I found the person driving this was none other than Derek Tucker, or ‘Derek Original Gangster D’ as I think he likes to be referred to. You can also imagine my surprise at the change of personality from mild mannered Irishman to ‘Gangsta’, that I witnessed when he gave me lift to Haymarket Yards in his ‘wheels’. As soon as we got in he popped on a baseball cap backwards and slipped onto the stereo, or wicked sound system that he referred to it as, at full volume, ‘Ambitionz as a Ridah’ by Tupac. Whilst we were cruising along with the bass beat rattling my filings he also started talking about ‘putting some homies wise by popping some caps in some their asses cos they disrespected him’. I am not sure what he meant by this but I think he was a little displeased with them. 

You may want to ask Derek where he gets his car serviced, so you too can avoid courtesy car shame. I may have also imagined some of the details of the journey.

Small world. Mark is on Facebook, because he has friends. Difficult to understand I know but even more startling is the fact some of them, ok one, is famous. Famous maybe with a small ‘fu’, he is the lead singer of Jesus Jones, who had some hits back in the 90’s. This friend, who incidentally he bonded with at university over Viz comics, posted an update to his Facebook page the other night, that Mark happened to read in the Red Squirrel when I was outside on the phone explaining to Louise why I was in a pub again. Not unusual you would think, but the music that seeped through the wall into the pub at the same time as Mark was reading the update was being produced by this friend doing a sound check next door. This was worked out later and has left Mark with a sense of amazement at this serendipitous world. This is why he has been looking a little dazed this week. 

I chanced upon this beautifully decorated tree in Edinburgh the other night. Its enchanting beauty and subject matter led me to dub it ‘The Glasgow Tree’. If the Saatachi’s had not been distracted by a little legal trouble, this week, then I probably would have stood a very good chance of selling it to them as a modern masterpiece about existentialist angst. I can assure you it looks better than some of the stuff they have in their gallery.


Cakes, cakes, cakes every where. This week we were treated to a veritable smorgasbord of homemade treats in addition to everything else.  Ginger cake from Rob Thompson, biscuits from Douglas Potter, slimmers world tarts from Chris Brind and Kourabiedes from Markos. I looked up the last one and noted that they can sometime be made with brandy (just a little hint Markos). I have to say though that my favourite was the Ginger cake. Therefore, I would like to say, in the hope she reads this, that Rob’s wife is a lovely lady and makes great cakes.

I like a build radiator. It gives me confidence that a) the team knows what it is doing and b) I can see how the builds are going.   So you can imagine my horror when I strolled past the Wallet team and their, normally green, screen had gone completely black, with a little falling snow! It may have been a coincidence but only Tezhe and Rachel were pairing at the time! 

Interesting blog post about how far behind businesses are falling with technology adaption. It begs some interesting questions about the approach we need to continue to take to stay in the game. 

Ivan Zero Defects sent me a mail this morning with a couple of links to some interesting talks he has seen at Agile Scotland. Worth having a look at particularly around delivery pipelines and organisation. How can we get away from the ‘tribal’ silo’d approach we have today?
Critical thinking. “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed, second, it is violently opposed, and third, it is accepted as self-evident”. One of the 11 thoughts on critical thinking in the link below. I’ll let you find out who said this. 


Markos, or “Vinny D” as he is to his friends, sent me this one. An interesting perspective on the development of Android. I did have some dealings with Google a few years ago about phones and it didn’t strike me at the time that they were going to change the mobile world. With hindsight you can see that they have clearly stepped up a few gears latterly.


Was made aware of this book the other day. See extracts below. Might be worth putting on your list for Santa. 


Finally, as we close out the year for the holiday season I would like to say a big thank you to everybody in the team. You have all pulled out the stops and should be very proud of what you have achieved. I have looked back at what we have done over the last 7 months and I am staggered at the progress that we have made. Single view, Mobile banking, Android, Wallet, build environments, code control, cultural change, engineering excellence, bau change and much more…….. I genuinely didn’t think we would get this far so quickly when I stepped through the door on the 13th May. 

Have a great Christmas and New Year. I look forward to seeing you all when I get back.


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