Bloody weather, Jumpers, drinking with Derek and a possible hallucination

Not only did I have trouble keeping upright on the way to the office on Thursday, in-fact the bus was not too sure about staying upright either, due to the bloody weather it also ruined the presentation we had arranged with Samsung. Their plane couldn’t land, which is a valid excuse for not turning up, probably a little more convincing than some cock and bull story about Glasgow station being closed that kept a number of you away. This is the second time a key meeting I have had arranged has been cancelled due to the weather. As you may remember I had arranged a meeting with Government Digital Services last month but the last hurricane to sweep through this land put paid to that. Do you think I did something wrong in a previous life, or indeed this one? Thankfully, the Samsung one has been swiftly re-organised by Lesley. 

It has been brought to my attention that a member of our team has trouble dressing and needs help with putting a jumper on the right way round. See picture below. Forgive me, but I thought that putting on clothes was one of the basic life skills, like using a toilet, that most people got squared away fairly early on in their existence? However, we can see that with his F&F label he is a company man. 


Derek had a team away day on Tuesday and I learnt a couple of things across the day and night. Being possibly as indiscreet as Sharon Osbourne, and she talked about an intimate orifice tightening operation on a TV chat show, I thought I would share a couple of things with you. Firstly, Malcolm Campbell is spearheading a new way of working in banking with small change, he is getting a lot closer to his demand owners and in the process is reducing cost and increasing customer satisfaction. Have a chat with Malcolm, we have a lot to learn from him. Secondly, Margarita has a hot tub, a leopardskin bikini and attempts to lure young men back to it. Maybe Derek made up the last bits. 

I saw a vision on Wednesday night. Or was it an hallucination? I am sure it wasn’t an hallucination. It was quite late and I had had a couple of drinks, as one increasingly does in this season, but I can assure you all I had certainly not been doing a ‘Nigella’. See photo below. 


In terms of taking forward the Tesco Bank’s support capability I am delighted to announce that Mark’s dev ops function is starting to take shape. In addition to the hardcore ‘black ops’ , Douglas Potter and Rob Thompson have now joined. Douglas and Rob will provide technical support and expert analysis across a range of the applications that the Digital Development team have to support. 

I am also pleased to announce that the Digital Wallet team have joined the illustrious company of those projects who have managed to get the blue line to cross the red line. Yes they are almost as good as the Android team with whom they have an intense rivalry, if the graffiti in 2.05 is to be believed. I am happy for them to have this rivalry, providing it translates into a race to claim more story points not a punch up!

Will it ‘ flatten out the landscape of who gets to write sophisticated programs”? Read it and let me know. If true the ramifications are enormous.

I found at the weekend this article detailing a number of online learning resources, most of which are free. Have a look, particularly at Coursera, the material they provide for free is staggeringly good. The title is misleading because it is not just about learning to code.

Some of the key reasons why we got the dev Lan

This article is great. The following two quotes should wet your appetite. 

“Americans on average consume nearly five hours of TV every day, a number that has actually gone up since the 1990s. That works out to about 34 hours a week and almost 1,800 hours per year, more than the average French person spends working”

“As it revolutionizes television, Netflix is merely helping to return us to that past”

I will sign off now as I have to attempt to write something for next weeks Digital Xmas away day. Educational, amusing and PG rated all in one 15 min slot. I am going to struggle with this I think.

Have a good weekend everybody.



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