Purloining humbugs, handkerchiefs, lines crossing and a celebration

In common with all of you I have just recently ‘self certified’ myself as beyond reproach and with a clean bill of financial health. Normally, I would complete such an activity without a second thought but this time as I pressed the ‘I am not a criminal’ button I had a moment of reflection. The humbugs were there for us to use but was taking what felt like 3 kilos the kind of behaviour you would strictly expect from a gentleman ‘beyond reproach’. All I can plead in mitigation is that I only wanted to take a couple but a certain very efficient lady, who shall remain nameless, upended half the bloody jar in my bag. If I were religious I would have to do some ‘wound fingering’ or some such thing to atone but I am not so I will have to perform an act for a worthwhile charity. All will be revealed next week. Also, I think I have saved a number of guests at the Missoni hotel from certain dental decay so I don’t feel too bad.

I like a paper handkerchief.  A simple, elegant and above all hygienic design if one is to use said handkerchief for it’s intended purpose. However, there are some ‘gentlemen’ out there, I have not seen any ladies cursed by such sartorial ‘pea cocking’, who like to elaborately stuff a material one in their breast pocket. A habit I thought had died out with the Sedan chair and the practice of putting small children up chimneys, so you can imagine my surprise when I chanced upon a couple of ‘gentlemen’ sporting elaborate pocket fripperies last week. Have a look and guess which one belongs to a gentleman of the continental persuasion. No prizes for this one!

Lines crossing. If you look at the wall next to Jim Meachan you will see the sprint velocity chart for the Android banking app team and as burn up charts go its a great one. Why? Quite simply the blue line crossed the red line in the last sprint which means their sprint velocity has exceeded their initial estimates. This is a pattern you would expect to see in a team that is high performing and continues to improve. Expecting an earlier delivery is premature at this juncture but it is a great indicator that the team is on top of their development and gives me great confidence that they will deliver on time. This is a significant achievement and they should feel very proud of themselves. 

Talking about feeling proud, I had the privilege to join with a few others in Le Monde last night to belatedly celebrate the success that was the Single View release. Please once again reflect on how significant an achievement this was particularly given the problematic delivery landscape we currently have in Tesco Bank. However, once it was in it performed as it should and with very few post live incidents to deal with.  Unfortunately, I got to witness the ‘dancing’ antics of Karan Burke. I also believe some Weegies stayed later than their age would dictate was sensible. 

Ivan Ryan sent me the following link a while back. Well worth a read as it covers how the Guardian release software, with their emphasis on the development teams owning the workflow from start to finish, small releases, delivering to The Cloud and having small high performing teams. Just where I think we should be going. 

http://www.theguardian.com/info/developer-blog/2013/sep/20/shipping-software-simply-deploymentNext week we are very fortunate to have a couple of really interesting brown bags lined up. Firstly on the 20th from 10 – 12 we have Yuri Misnik, Head of Solutions Architecture Europe for AWS. Secondly, on the 22nd from 12 – 1 we have our very own Iain Frame talking about Lean. Both are in the Board Room in EHQ and I would strongly encourage you to attend. 

I would like to congratulate Keith Gunn on his elevation to a WL2. The promotion is richly deserved and he continues to be a great asset to the team.

Markos sent me this today so I thought I would share with you. An interesting take on a wallet solution. 


Just for fun – check these out.


Have a great weekend. Wrap up warm next week its going to be really cold. 


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