Odd things at Edinburgh station, Spotify radio and bleeping in the office

Yes believe it or not there are odd things at Edinburgh station. Do I have evidence of this? Well yes I do. I have in the last two Fridays seen the following. Susan Boyle; she looks odder in the flesh, her face wears an expression that is a curious mixture of barely suppressed malevolence and surprise. A girl with a very short skirt and a tattoo of Hulk Hogan’s face in colour on the back of her thigh; the acronym WTF was invented for such thing or maybe I am getting old and just don’t understand young people anymore. 

Tesco Bank Spotify Radio. Alistair, Leanne and Rachel are currently working on their first application, ably assisted by Stephan and Mike. Essentially you can search Spotify to build a library of tracks which can be organised by track, album or added to playlists the user creates. This will in the fullness of time be exposed to the rest of the bank, if we can get Spotify off the list of bank restricted sites, which should reveal some interesting music tastes. Mike Ritchie has already outed himself as a Kylie Minogue fan!

Objectives. Yes I know I go on and on about them but I will not stop until everybody has a set of objectives they are happy to stand by. We have now shared the team’s objectives aligned to Tesco strategy and the objectives of my direct reports aligned to the team’s objective. With this and the guidance that has been provided by Mike to the developers and architects and the generic guidance from HR if anybody still has problems writing their objectives or wants some inspiration please speak to your line manager or me. 

Next year, by which I mean the Tesco Bank planning year, is rapidly approaching and we are starting to see the shape of the demand for next year. Next week sees me sitting down with my direct reports and then with Derek and the other HOITs to work through the plan shape for 2014/15. My current view, which I have shared with you, is that we have a huge amount of work coming into the team next year which is both exciting and slightly nerve wracking. Whilst I don’t know the exact plan shape just yet it is clear that we will need to blend in temporary additional resource and spread the work throughout the year. When I know more I will let you know. 

Bleeping in the office. This is not an attempt by Claudia and Lesley to block out my sometimes foul language but the Wallet team messing about with scanners. They are in the process of getting some scanners so they can start testing the Wallet app  bar code generation and interaction with scanners. I sincerely hope they have a mute function!

Black ops are out and about today helping clear up a recreation ground somewhere in Edinburgh. Given those two I expect there will be some interesting material being generated right now for next week’s blog.

Betrayal at Twitter. There seems to have been quite a lot of this. Have a look at this article, the double dealing is breath taking. 


If our customers behave in the way that US banking customers are, according to this survey, then we have an uphill battle to persuade customers to use our apps. 47% flagged that they didn’t trust the security of their mobile phones for banking transactions.


Javascript InfoVis tool kit anybody? Some really good data visualisation tools for the web, take a look. 


Have a great weekend. I look forward to seeing you all next week. 


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