There is something going on in Derek’s office, Single view, blooming apps and mooning

Well there would have been if there hadn’t been a maintenance team in there repairing the perennial leak above his head. Craig and Keith were scheduled to be in there creating a fully responsive website in a single day for Grameen bank. Grameen bank is a bank that makes micro loans to those who would not normally have access to credit. It was started in Bangladesh and has made its way to Glasgow and is one of the charities supported by Tesco Bank. In conjunction with Grant’s team we offered to help them in a way that befits a Digital team by rebuilding their website. Grant’s team have provided the designs and today is the day that we are turning them into reality. I am really proud of them.

Something else to be proud of this week is Single View. The infamous ‘widget’ was turned on this week and has given Tesco Bank customers some great new functionality. Congratulations to Karen and team. If you didn’t see her email giving some stats on how successful the launch had been I have reproduced a couple of the key points here. On the night of the widget turn on

– By midnight, we had 104 successful matched (70 logged in with their CC, 34 with their Savings/Loan).
– There are higher than expected links being driven from the Savings account (linking their CC), which is also good.
In summary, despite having what felt like a stressful release we have had a very successful and problem free launch. 

Blooming Apps. There are now a number of them in varying degrees of progress in the office. The IoS Credit Card Mobile Banking app, which looks great, is waiting in the wings for a backend fix to allow us to progress to a Friends and Family launch. I hope we will make progress on this very soon. The Android Mobile Banking app is in delivery and the progress the team make each week is truly impressive. I urge you to get along to one of their demos but be warned they may drag you into being part of the demo. Also we have the Wallet App taking shape, not quite in the office but under the aegis of the team and using the Wallet Payment Services being developed in the bank. If you want to see the Wallet pop down to the Wallet team and ask one of them to give you a quick demo. It has taken shape very, very quickly. 

Some great tips from the original management thinker Peter Drucker on how to be effective. I know we are not executives but the tips still apply in my opinion. For example, “effective executives focus on outward contribution. They gear their efforts to results rather than to work’; I think this could apply to us all.  After all who wants to be the hamster on the wheel. See more at

I am sure most of you have had the pleasure of speaking to the ‘Black ops’ team and understand their push into AWS with our dev environments. It looks like other FS companies are taking advantage of the flexibility that AWS affords. Take a look at this article. NAB reduced incoming traffic to their data centres by 90%.

This is an interesting article on Bitcoin from the man who coined the phrase ‘ software is eating the world’. Pun intended! I particularly like the quote “Take smart coders, and tell them they can’t do something, and that is very inspiring”. Read more here

Finally, I offer you some sage advice. Don’t ‘moon’ at your children, no matter how funny you think it will be. They will only copy you at a most inopportune moment, particularly if they are 2. I will leave it there, have a good weekend everyone.


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