Britain has a drink problem, Breaking Bad, nearly naked in London and a release

Once again people are cracking open cans of alcohol on the train at a time I consider more suitable to porridge and coffee. The hour wasn’t as early as the last time but there were more of them and they were drinking stronger and more varied drinks. In fact, I think they were a family. You will be glad to know they got on at Newcastle and didn’t have Scottish accents.

Breaking Bad. Great TV series, I cannot recommend it more highly if you haven’t watched it. If you do, don’t let anyone tell you what is happening now and ensure you start at the beginning.  I also mention it because I consume it through my iPad using the Netflix app and this is the first time they have secured the rights to stream the last 8 episodes an episode at a time right after they are aired on cable in the US. Normally, you have to wait a year after a series finishes before they are made available on streaming services. Also reflecting on their recent production of House of Cards, that they released in its entirety through their streaming service, I am interested to see whether over time they change the balance of power between the service and content providers?

Yes that rich seam of comedy that is the Black Ops team (Cacti Man and The Mink Botherer) have done it again and provided some great material. They are both in London, working through a transfer of the development environments from Deloitte to our control. Which is I believe going well but unfortunately the same cannot be said of events surrounding this activity. Fen returned to his room one night to discover his clothes, just his clothes, had been removed from his wardrobe.  He has no idea where they went. I personally don’t know why anybody would steal them? Maybe the Kirknewton country gent look is so ‘hot’ in London right now that they just had to steal them, or was it that they were so foul they were despoiling the hotel atmosphere and had to go? At time of going to press they are sill missing.

Yes we have a release this weekend. I was at the final checkpoint meeting on Thursday afternoon where the TB exec gave the go ahead for the Single View and Mobile code to be deployed. There was a real recognition that a huge amount of work had been done, particularly in the last few days, to get us successfully to this point. I certainly know and appreciate all the work that the team have put in and I am confident that we will have a good release this weekend. As I said in my previous blog post I am looking forward to brining in some champagne. 

A lot of what the team has been doing over the past few days is assessing volume and quantifying risk. I saw this and it really puts our volumes in stark perspective; 4000 uploads a second, a quarter of a trillion photos!

Culture. Yes I know I bang on about culture being very important but I genuinely think it is. If you have a look at the following link you will see that I am in good company. The article by Tim O’Reilly also contains some other really good insight. Please read.

Saw this about 3rd party cookies. Have a look at the article and the link in it, which I have pasted below for convenience. It raises some interesting questions in my head about the increasing importance of user agent and location data; in that I am not sure we have a business or technical strategy to deal with this type of data. Any thoughts anybody?

I send out quite a lot of information as I am sure you all appreciate. Am I guilty of aiding the cheapening of information and creating an internet ‘market of lemons’ or is it quality content? Want to know what I am talking about see

Finally.I was told about this site, by somebody who shall remain nameless….. Tartan Onesie anybody?  You too could be wearing such aspirational clobber as this!

I mean look at the stars they name check on their site. It can’t be bad can it?

” Stars such as Samuel L Jackson, Natasha Bedingfield, Mario Lopez, James Taylor, Niecy Nash, Carrot Top, and Emeril Lagasse have enjoyed our flannel styles”

Have a good weekend everybody. If you aren’t working this weekend please spare a thought for those who are.


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