Swimming in my pants, no WiFI and up the duff

It may happen. I am off to France tomorrow on holiday where they have a bizarre rule that you must wear speedo style swimming trunks at any public pool on the basis they are more hygienic! As a self respecting Englishman (well 50% of me is) I don’t own any such items of clothing. I leave that to the more ‘showy’ Europeans but I am worried I could be forced into a dreadful compromise.  I think I will write to President Holland about this and suggest he could make himself more popular by relaxing this rule for those of a more modest disposition. Wars get started for less.

No WiFi!! I have scoured the facilities list for the Gite we are staying at and there is no WiFi. What am I going to do? I may have to read a book, interact with my children or even talk to Louise. I think I will need to prepare some conversation starter cards just in case. Anyway, it looks like I will be taking a break from Digital in both a work and personal sense and it will probably do me good, so don’t expect a blog for the next couple of weeks. I am hoping I will have a fallback, if Amazon deliver, which is my copy of ‘Rewire: Digital Cosmopolitans in the Age of Connection’. I’ll let you know if it is any good.

The panda, Tian Tian, may be pregnant. I should hope so at £600K a year. The Zoo has blown £1.2M on having the thing and they still had to use to turkey baster because they are a little backward in coming forward. I am really surprised natural selection hasn’t done for them by now.

Some really good news. The PO is being raised for Safari books so very soon every member of the Digital team will have access via the Tesco Bank learning portal to over 24,000 books and videos for the IT and business professional. This is a fantastic resource so please ensure you use it.

We are making progress with 2014/15 planning with our colleagues across the Digital, Insurance and Business Programme teams and it is really good to be at the table when the initiatives are being planned and shaped. It certainly helps us with our forward planning. There is a lot coming and we have a pivotal role to play in growing and developing the business as we move forward. As an aside I spoke to David Greenwood from Business Change today and he is as keen as I am for us to have the conversations with the ‘business’  to enable the shaping of business initiatives. If you are interested in what is happening next year speak to Jo V.

I think I was a little overconfident about us getting the Single View and Mobile banking code implementation complete by the end of this week. We still haven’t and have encountered a number of environment issues and a design slip that has held us up so I really hope we make better progress next week. We are certainly not lacking in effort across the team, so once again thanks for that. The problems we are having with this certainly brings into sharp focus in my mind the real need for us to make progress with automated deployments. To that end I have asked the newly arrived Mark Plumer to start working out how we can do this in the bank. I think everybody acknowledges we cannot carry on like this.

You have all received a copy of the team objectives and I know progress is being made with the development of individual objectives. I would recommend you have a look at the framework that Mike Ritchie has pulled together for the Development team – some really good guidance on objective setting that could apply to any members of the team.

We had real ‘Geek meet’ in the bank today. We had a coding Kata, organised by Mike R, to explore and promote the use of TDD. It was a very well attended meeting and everybody looked to be enjoying themselves. We will be having more, so if you have any ideas on what you would like covered in any of the sessions please speak to Mike. It was great to see and an example of where the team in bank are ahead of other companies; tell your friends it all helps to estabilish the bank’s reputation as a great place to work and attract the talent.

Nice little article here on helping people clarify what they want from a development shop. It sometimes involves saying no.


Want to be a creative manager listen to David Ogilvy.


Got this from Tony C – I haven’t read it yet but I take his word for it when he says its a good read. BTW was he really wearing yellow trousers today, I thought you got a kicking in Scotland for doing that sort of thing?

Good eBook attached regarding the state of code review across a plethora of industry sectors including finance. It was written by smartbear (test tooling company.. I have used their SoapUI product for many years in the CSSO domain).. covers who is doing code review, how code review improves software quality etc etc… decent read!


Finally a fun competion. Who’s baby is this? The first to guess correctly (apart from the parent that is) gets 4 bottles of Black Island Lager.


Have a great couple of weeks. I look forward to seeing you all when I get back.


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