Is 0649 hrs too early to start drinking?

I only ask because when I was sat on the train to Edinburgh at Leeds station on Monday the man next me cracked open a can of lager at this time! He then proceeded to drink a further 3 cans before I got off at Edinburgh Waverley. I suppose you have to admire his dedication to his little hobby. His accent informed me that he wasn’t from Glasgow, he wasn’t even from Scotland so that diminishes the stereotype a little. I would also like to apologise for making it rain – Craig McPheat told me my last blog pushed the weather over the edge.

We have had another busy week – when do we have a quiet week – with the Single View and Mobile banking teams pulling together to get their combined code base into PPE during the window provided. I know it has been difficult but with some really good collaboration between the teams and Deloitte we are going to make it. I would also like to thank all those who volunteered to work or be on call this coming weekend – given the other teams resource issues this now won’t be needed but thank you all the same.

Objectives and PDPs. I know you are waiting for objectives to be set and we are very late in doing this, there are a number of reasons for this but the lateness is not acceptable so please accept my sincere apologies. I have pulled together a framework of objectives for the team that link our objectives to the Tesco vision and the overall IT objectives. I will be discussing these with my DRs this week so they should be cascaded very soon for you to discuss with your line manager and agree your own objectives. PDPs should also be complete very soon – if you have problems completing or want some advice on how to complete please speak to your line manager or give me a shout. It is very important for your career to think about and articulate what development you want so please take the time to this properly.

Iain Frame joined us this week. Iain is an experienced developer who is joining us from GE and has started working in the Wallet scrum. Do please say hello.

I will be in London on Thursday this week for a playback on the Wallet proposition and UX. It will be really good to get some more shape on the later phases of the Wallet proposition where we start to integrate and use the value a customer gets from Tesco in the form of  vouchers, coupons and club card points. As it stands we are pushing ahead with delivering an MVP for the end of the year which will encompass payment services, a model implementation and documentation and an approach for integrating the payment services into GHS.

The following link was shared with the Agile Scotland LinkedIn group so I thought I would share it with you. Quality enablement is exactly what we are doing.

Saw this in Slideshare and thought I would share – I am not sure I would start a presentation with silence but what do I know…

A conversation we had with Cohaesus last week about development being a creative exercise inspired me to dig out this essay called ‘Hackers and painters’ by Paul Graham. Well worth a read.

Received a great contribution from David McConchie for this weeks blog. He has found some very interesting articles about thinking. Published in full below


Find attached contribution for your blog next week.  One to challenge the conventional thinkers.

It is easy to dismiss mindfulness as hippie and new age but with companies like Google and PWC investing in it, perhaps it deserves a closer look.

The facebook example of increasing usage by making the tools more personal, more conversational, and more emotional (which was inspired by the kindness teaching of Kabat-Zinn) has parallels with the connectedness and social return that Giles Andrews (CEO of Zopa) describes as appealing to his users.

Food for thought when we think about how we make what matters better, together for Tesco Bank staff and customers.



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