Derek didn’t notice my haircut

He didn’t. He told me so, so it must be true. Is that a contradiction? Anyway please somebody give me some more material so I can start the blog with a different theme. Duncan’s declared knowledge of Xhamster did spring to mind but I didn’t want to give him the oxygen of publicity. Talking about adult entertainment I did read in an article in the Independent once that Manwin sites get 16BN visits a month. I don’t recommend you join the throngs of people on these sites but the stats are amazing.

Well the Starbuck’s app works well but disappoints somewhat with its spurious feature set. Yes I could make a payment with a single swipe of the scanner at the POS, which was quick. I had no network coverage so my app balance was not decremented at the time but as soon as I got coverage my balance was updated; the ‘error message’ was pretty poor. However, what is the point of creating your favourite drinks in App if you cannot use this feature in store? Why doesn’t it generate a code I can use at the POS to generate my order? Seriously, I don’t want to tell people on Facebook about which drinks I like –  coffee is not novelties that I need to tell the world about. Maybe the order generate feature will come in a future release. I hope so as I am desperate to stop the Starbucks wants my name so they can be my friend charade.

In terms of people Andy Ryan has joined the team full time as the architect on Wallet. David McConchie and Steven Kerr have joined Jo Vetesse in setting up the Digital Front Door team. We also have Sean Reilly from Equal Experts joining us next week to work with the Wallet team setting up the build environments and start the service definition. He loves talking about technology so I recommend you engage him if you want to know more about what he is doing. And you really will know a lot by the time he finishes – he really likes talking about technology.

Mark Plumer has a start date of the 5th August, however, he is coming up next Thursday to say hello to everyone and join us for the “Beer and Burger” evening in the Cambridge Arms on the 11th July. If anybody over and above those who have already put their names on the wall want to join please do. I’m paying.

I am writing this blog crammed into the middle seat on an EasyJet flight to Stanstead, as I am going the Tesco HQ tomorrow. I will be working with the Tesco IT team to bottom out the assumptions and actions we made in last week’s workshop on the Wallet. We are starting to get real momentum around the project and I hope we will be demoing working software real soon. Speaking of demos Mia will be running the first Android demo on Friday in EHQ, if you are interested I would recommend you go.

Completely unrelated. There is a man in the seat in front of me wearing a leather Fedora. Why would anyone do this?

Just so you cannot accuse this blog of not being a intellectually diverse exercise I give you a Bank of England report from 2010 about the state of banking. The shift in the number of clearing banks between 1960 and 2010 is stark.

A great article with some thought provoking quotes. E.g  General McChrystal “Instead of decisions being made by people who were more senior–the assumption that senior meant wiser–we found that the wisest decisions were usually made by those closest to the problem.”

I gatecrashed the Agile meet up on the 1st July that Jo and Craig went to. As you can see Jo was very animated. There is a prize (bottle of champagne) for the best caption for the photo below. Answers by return or in the blog comments. You have a week.

I thought I was brave doing Go Ape. I am sure most of you did too. Check this out

 Have a great weekend. It’s going to be a scorcher. 


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