Carol liked my new haircut

Well I had to start the blog with something  and this sprung to mind. Why you ask? Well Carol did comment, thanks Carol, and Mia, who was there at the time, asked if I was going to put this in my blog. So I did. Also nobody was foolish enough to send in a favourtie song for me to write ‘snarky’ comments about.

On a people front we continue at a pace. Rod Cain from Equal Experts has joined us as the BA/Scrum master on Wallet. He is joined by Martin Kelly, forming the nascent scrum, and will be locked in room 2.05 until they have built something. I would recommend you have a chat with Rod as he has a lot of experience and will be happy to share. Jo and Craig have interviewed another front end developer who they like and I believe they will be making an offer to.

We now have several scrum boards up around the office, demonstrating that the men in the team are immensely practical and a useful addition to any household. My attention was also drawn to the re-focussed team retrospective, pictured below.

I was thinking about how we could get more into the ‘in progress’ and ‘done’ columns and then it struck me that we didn’t really have the definition of done for them. I am particularly interested in the team providing the definition of done for the tasks that are assigned to me. Please put your thoughts either in the blog comments, in an email cc’ing all or if you are shy just add it to the relevant post it note. It really helps me if you are all clear on how I can make progress addressing your concerns.

I am writing this on a plane down to London where I will be facilitating a Wallet workshop with Andy Ryan, who is now full time on the Wallet team. Unfortunately, this means that I won’t be there for the ‘open surgery’, my apologies I will get this re-scheduled. The Wallet workshop is about understanding what services we think we need to build/use for the wallet, where these services are at in their development lifecycle, what standards we need to use and how we are going to work together. I am hoping it will be a productive session and will let you all know how it goes.

Every Monday before I get on the train to come to Edinburgh I get a coffee from Starbucks (they have paid some tax, so that’s good) which you are probably not that interested in but you may want to try their card experience. You can pick up a card and use their EPOS to add cash. This gets interesting when you download their Wallet app, add credit from this card, a credit/debit card, create a drink and then pay for it in store using the app. Give it a go and let me know what you think about the experience.

Nancy, Jo and I had a session this week with Derek to discuss the graduate programme to ensure when they start we have a compelling programme of training. To keep you in the loop we agreed that we needed a 3 month rolling programme and that we would have this defined by the end of July. I am also pleased that Tom Reed has put his hand up to act as a technical mentor the graduates. If you also want to get involved please let know.

You may have noticed that Tom has been spending most of his time round the corner with the Mobile Banking team. There is a good reason for this in that he is working with Mia and Martin to set up a scrum team to deliver the Android app. We will use some key Deloitte resource to ensure knowledge transfer but this is the start of Tesco Bank taking responsibility for the delivery of apps which I find very exciting.

I am now writing this on the train on my way back to Leeds. The session was very productive and working with the Tesco guys we were able to define what we would build, how we would build it to ensure re-use of and with services being built by their programmes. A lot of the session was about ensuring common language and concepts, for example, we clarified what was meant by a payment. We also agreed to reconvene next Friday in Welwyn to ensure we are still in agreement once all the notes are written up. Louise is not going to be very happy with me when I tell her that I will be late home next Friday as well.

Some other stuff  …..

Great visualisation of the internet.

Evernote is 5. It now has 65,000,000 users including me. I love it, give it a go.

Great Trent Walton article ‘Process is often shaped by how teams are organised’. A sample quote ‘ if developers need to schedule a meeting with designers and planners every time a layout change … is needed…..the iteration loop may extend from a few minutes to a few days’.

You have heard of TDD and BDD how about MDD

Hope you all have a great weekend. See you next week.  


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