I listened to Joe’s song

I won’t get that 8 minutes of my life back. Only joking, i quite enjoyed it! Neil Young, Like a Hurricane, most definitely boys music – 8 minutes of guitar solos. Craig M recommended a song; Paul Baribeau – Ten Things. I made Louise listen to it, she wasn’t very happy. Thats all I am saying.  If you would like your song choice pilloried in the weekly blog do let me know.

Recruitment continues at a pace. Jo Vettese has interviewed and made an offer to Ivan Ryan, a very experienced QA/Dev, which has been accepted. This is a skill we don’t have in the team right now and he will be joining us before the end of July. Jo and I also interviewed, for the second time, a guy called Mike Ritchie for the role of Development Manager. He really impressed us with his knowledge of agile and XP development methodologies. He is keen to join and we will be making an offer to him next week. He also between contracts at the moment so he doesn’t have a notice period so we hope to have him onboard very quickly.

In terms of projects we have some really exciting things kicking off next week; on Monday in fact. We have the start of the internal scrum team tasked with delivery of the Android banking app and a small nascent Wallet team, which will be located in EHQ 2.08. By small I mean really small, we a have a single guy called Rod Cain starting, but starting small and building is always a good idea with Agile teams. I have also asked that Stephen McAinsh comes in and provides some support with the setting up of Scrum across the Digital team.

I spoke to you all at the team meeting on Thursday about the graduates who are joining us in August and will repeat the plea about any suggestions for training they should receive. I am really interested in your ideas and how we can incorporate these into a training plan. It would great if we could leave it up to the end of the year before we take them out on a mammoth drinking session, complete with an early morning finish. That reminds me, I think its about time we all went out one evening for a ‘beer and a burger’. I have checked with finance and I have some budget so if people want to suggest a time and place we can get that pencilled in the diary. I will put something on the wall for the suggestions.

Maybe we could do something like this with our graduates. Have a look at what FogCreek Software have done with their interns


Put the 11th July in your diary. I have persuaded some of the guys from 10Gen to come up and talk to us about NoSQL. Should be interesting, so if you know anybody from other teams who would interested let me know and we can extend the invite to them.

Not only do the NSA get some grief on their cavalier approach to privacy but they also get some advice on their appalling style sensibilities. I think it just goes to show that when you have a locked down environment to operate in you don’t get much innovation.

Quite an old article but a good articulation of the market changing against firms that make money with software rather than from software.


Big Data. An over used phase right now but have a look at this presentation. Couple of standouts for me, the sheer volume of data (250M Tweets a day) and the fact that the winners are those who can provide their own solutions. We are in a world where you cannot buy the customer differentiation you need.

I quite like this Tweet from eMarketer. Fairly obvious but a good reminder.
Screen Shot 2013-06-20 at 22.14.03

BTW I am getting my family to come up Edinburgh on the 26th July. So if you want to avoid me that weekend I would steer clear of zoos and other family friendly attractions in Edinburgh. If you want to say hello. let me know, they are considerably more charming than I am.


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