Return of favourite song of the moment

I have had some really positive feedback about the Agile training that the vast majority of the Digital Development team will have now received. It was great to see everybody really enthused about the possibilities of Agile and yes I am planning on getting the guys from Calba to come back in and provide some additional training for the team. Please come and speak to me to let me know what training/coaching you think you need – I can’t promise anything but I will listen. You might also be interested to know that the ITLT, Service, AMS and HR are being lined up for an introduction to Agile session – they all seemed very excited about it – and I am speaking to Manilla about any training requirements her team may have.

I have been catching up with my peers and seniors as well as with the team and this week I had some time with Ken Aitken. I know a lot of you are frustrated with the DA and their processes so I raised this with him and we agreed that we should hold a workshop with people from his team and Digital Development to walk through the issues. I am planning on getting some facilitation for the session and have asked David McConchie to help me with this.

Alan Hyndman and I kicked off the IT Development Transformation work with Nancy Moore, Neil McMahon, Allan Brearley, Mike Melville, Gerry Campbell, Karl Spaven and Ruth O’Neill.  Malcolm Campbell was supposed to be there but French Air Traffic Control conspired to keep him in the South of France, I believe he was really upset. We all agreed that change was needed and there was a lot to do. In terms of tackling the issue we broke the it into the following themes and owners

 Business Alignment and Service Provision:  Alan and Nancy
Technology and Architecture: Neil and Mike
 Processes and Standards: Malcolm, Gerry and Allan
 People:  Ruth and Andrew

We are due to reconvene in 2 to 3 weeks with an update to the team on how and what we are doing. I will update you all as I get more.

Some of you may of noticed that I haven’t been in the office for the latter part of the week. No I haven’t been on holiday, far from it, I was in London (basement in Farringdon) for a big kick off session for the Wallet initiative. The scale and reach of the proposition was brought sharply into focus for me by the fact that there were 24 of us in the room from IT, Strategy, Marketing, Retail….. Its fair to say that the shape of the proposition is understood, a customer should be able to associate all their payment methods and the value they get from Tesco in the form of  Clubcard points, Vouchers and coupons in a single mechanism that enables them to transact with Tesco both online and in store. However, there are a number of key detail questions that still need to be fleshed out, not least how this initiative interacts with other initiatives ongoing in Tesco. It will happen so I am currently planning how we build the team in a lean fashion to support the evolving programme. I am aiming to have the core work done in Edinburgh, so if you are not directly involved it will be very visible.

You may recall I spoke last week about recruitment and I have some further updates.  A guy called Iain Frame has accepted our offer for the Lead Developer role and will start 23rd July and Mark Plumer has confirmed his start date as the end of July. We also had a really good week with the graduate recruitment sessions and we are looking to make three offers, which is really good. I look forward to the innovation and drive that they will bring to the team. We also need to think about a training programme we can put in place to ensure we retain their skills and get the best out of them. I will be looking for help with this from the wider team, so any suggestions welcome. I would also like to thank the guys who put aside their day jobs to do the interviewing – Jo V, Tony C and Tom R. However, having seen the brooding presence of Tony C in one of the interview rooms I am surprised they didn’t run screaming from the building –  all the candidates must all have had some serious ‘balls’ to cope with that!

I saw this article the other night. I am not sure about the ‘return of cash’ but I think as an industry we certainly need to work on the customer experience that we are providing our customers if we are to persuade them to move away from cash.

Lots of women use social, which doesn’t surprise me, as I sit next to one at home who spends most of her time ignoring me and using Facebook. Maybe that’s because I am annoying but anyway what really surprised me in this article was the fact that Google + is ahead of Twitter. It’s a relatively small sample so it might not be that accurate.

You may have seen a company that was set up 4 years ago was sold for £835M. There is a ‘space race’ among the big players for capability around location services so if you have any bright ideas give it a go.

Finally on a darker note I think some serious questions need answering by a number of organisations around internet privacy.

I don’t have any top tips this week as everybody has been well behaved and made it home before 10 pm.
However, if you want any restaurant recommendations I would speak to David McChonchie, he is a real

I know a lot of you don’t care but I am writing this so you can take it or leave it. This week I recommend you listen to  Steve Mason – A lot of Love, a ‘localish’ lad from St Andrews and ex of the Beta Band. If you haven’t heard of the Beta Band then shame on you.

For all the fathers out there enjoy the weekend and make sure you milk your special day for all its worth.

And finally a Tweet from Bill Murray

@BiIIMurray: It’s almost crazy to think that before twitter, all of this nonsense stayed in people’s heads


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