Week 3

Week 3 and yes I still plan to come back next week! I am going to stop declaring my reappearance every week next week as I think we can now take it for granted that I am coming back. Why wouldn’t I! Great people, some big challenges and a desire to change.

I have been set up with a blog site courtesy of Jo Vitesse and will migrate my weekly email to this, probably from next week. I am hoping that once we do this I can get a few more comments on the content! I am sure all of you have lots to say.

I know people are keen to get some Agile coaching so I have spoken to a coach who has been recommended to me and will be setting up some sessions for everybody in the team. The agenda will cover agile concepts, planning and estimation and will include some practical examples. I am hoping that we can get this started next week so watch out for the invite. Its fortunate that we have some training on estimation as we are starting to look at next year’s demand and a lot of you will be pulled into estimating the stories we are working on with the wider Digital team. There’s some exciting stuff there and I am very hopeful that we will be getting the resources we need to build on the capability we have to deliver a great digital experience.

I have spoken to a lot of you about the need for us to change our model from an ‘industrial one’ where value generation opportunities have become increasingly commoditised to one that generates value through the application of creativity to technology and process. Have a look at this creative start up that is going after a revenue stream that banks have traditionally taken for granted. http://www.businessinsider.com/18-slide-pitch-deck-lands-payment-startup-dwolla-165-million-2013-4#-3

As an industry we will increasingly need to be able to adapt quickly, if we are to counter the competitive threats that will come from unexpected quarters. We can’t at the moment but we will need to as I am certain those who fail to adapt will not survive.

Next week I am looking forward to the offsite and a bit of ‘apeing’. We are also starting to look at what we need to do to deliver Wallet from an IT perspective. It looks like a hairy challenge and one that needs to be delivered in an agile way, in all senses of the word, if we are to stand a chance of getting a viable product out of the door in timescales that meet the expectations of our CEO. I will give an update on progress next week.

Mary Meeker’s annual state of the internet report is out. Always a good read. You can find it here


I had a one to one with James Love this morning and he showed me some tech videos he has curated on tumblr. Which he  kindly agreed (was slightly bullied) to share with the rest of the team. If you are interested in front end development tools and techniques have a look.


It was great to see a lot of you out last night at Nick Kallaras’s leaving do, I enjoyed it but certainly was not very happy when my alarm went off this morning. I understand the ‘weegies’ all got home some safely, which had been worrying me, and some brave people went to a club called ‘Fingers’! Sounds like something from the imagination of Ricky Gervais. I am far from being an expert but would like to offer some advice for those with partners at home. It is better to upfront overestimate your arrival home and state of disrepair,  rather than offer a hopelessly optimistic under estimate. It is a bit like good software development, you take the pain upfront! Also, don’t leave your keys in the front door when you get home. Thats another very good tip.

I don’t think I am acclimatised yet as I don’t understand why everybody was telling me it was too hot. 19 degrees C is not hot, I repeat, not hot.  However, I hope the sun keeps shining and you all have a great weekend.

PS. Sorry its so late this week. I have not been able to get online on the train.


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