Week 2

Well week 2 and I still plan to come back for Week 3!  In fact I am very excited about it, particularly as I get to know more of you and find that your skills, and more importantly enthusiasm, are just what we will need in high performing Digital team.

As I sit at my desk I can see some of the portrait photos are making their way onto the wall and its certainly an interesting reflection of individual personalities. Luckily all the portraits posted thus far could be categorised as ‘U’, please keep it this way as I don’t want to have an uncomfortable meeting with HR in Week 3!

I spoke at the team meeting this week about how I want to structure the team into one where the skills are grouped from a line manager perspective and the delivery teams are focussed around features. This gives everybody clarity on what they are delivering and in doing that, job satisfaction. Who doesn’t want job satisfaction? I appreciate this is quite a shift and ask that if anybody has any concerns please come and speak to me. I know I am in a lot of meetings so will be asking Lesley to carve out some time every week where I am available on an ‘open surgery basis’ and I am also available most evenings if people want to have a more informal chat over a beer or two. I also spoke about ‘value creation’ and our need to move away from just making an industrial model more productive to using creativity to generate value. Its a fairly common theme but the blog below articulates this very well. Its also worth checking out the Harvard Business review blogs from time to time.

I spent some time with Jo V and Nancy Moore on Thursday at the Edinburgh University graduate fair looking for the next generation of talent. You’ll see a picture on the wall somewhere in the office. Would you work for these two?

In week 3 I am looking forward to working with the wider Digital team on the strategic initiatives for 2014/2015 and this certainly is something that a number of you will need to get involved in as we shape and assess what Tesco Bank needs to do moving forward. One thing is certain there are a number of key challenges ahead, particularly around the underlying technology. Hard work but the challenges are something that get me out of bed and provide for an exciting work environment.

I won’t be sharing any music suggestions this week as hardly any of you listened to my suggestion (picture sad face). Feature will return but only by popular request. However, what I can share is an interesting presentation from Salesforce about how they took an extreme approach to implementing Agile, it can be found here ( you’ll have to look at this when you get home because Slideshare is deemed evil here!)


Also, have a look at this video. A guy called Fred George talking about ‘Programmer Anarchy’. A touch extreme for us right now but……


Also, this snippet of information I picked up Twitter a while back. Think about what this means to technology and possibilities of value generation.

Price of 1 gigabyte of storage over time:
1981 $300,000
1987 $50,000
1990 $10,000
1994 $1,000
1997 $100
2000 $10
2004 $1
2012 $0.10

Have a great long weekend. I look forward to seeing you all next week.


PS. I think we need a blog, email is so old school, any volunteers?


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